Honors Summer Adventures: Out of Africa

Hello! My name is Morgan Bobb, and I am an Honors student just getting ready to begin my junior year studying Biology and Global Resource Systems (pre-medicine). One component of my second major in Global Resource Systems (or GLOBE for short) is an international internship for six weeks.

The best part of the GLOBE internship is that it allows me to pick any country in any kind of field. I choose to go to Uganda to conduct a research project and learn more about healthcare in a developing country. Below is a picture of our team of Iowa State students and the Ugandan University students we lived with at the Equator!

Bobb 1ISU at the Equator

Uganda is a small agricultural country in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is between the Congo and Kenya, and borders Lake Victoria in the south. I spent most of my time in one of the central districts called Kamuli. There I interviewed pediatric patients and conducted nutritional assessments with a local translator to study the correlation between malnutrition and disease. At first I was very surprised because the health centre I worked at had no electricity and the most prevalent diagnosis was malaria.

Bobb 2Butansi Health Centre

My two favorite parts of the trip (besides some of the incredible staff I met at the Health Centre and the pupils I met at the schools) were crossing the Nile River on a ferry and seeing elephants in our back yard on a trip to one of the national parks!

Bobb 3Just an elephant. NBD.

I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to learn about different places and people. And, after 11 weeks travelling, it feels good to be back in Iowa and getting ready to move into my house in Ames!


One comment on “Honors Summer Adventures: Out of Africa

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