Iowa State is ready for the fall semester…are you?

Hey all, Justin again. I’m a junior studying Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry and I hail from St. Paul, Minnesota. Unfortunately this time I won’t be spinning the tale of a dangerous dinosaur bone licking excursion or the zen-like experience of trimming a bonsai. No, those adventures are quickly becoming an experience I had “last summer”.

DSC00112ISU’s Morrill Hall is the location of the Christian Petersen Art Museum…check it out this fall!

Getting ready for the school year is not limited to the freshmen bustling down the aisles of their local big box store, trying to find that perfect twin XL sheet for their residence hall. Iowa State has been making a few preparations for this upcoming year, too. Here are some things you’ll be seeing on campus this year:

  1. Record enrollment, again! If it seems like you’ve heard this before, it’s because you have. Iowa State is on its fifth straight year of record enrollment. Clearly, students are making great choices.
  2. New buildings: With more students comes a greater need for space. To match the increased enrollment 503 new leases have been added for Legacy Tower in Campustown and 240 beds have been added into two new Freddy Court apartment buildings. Four additional buildings are scheduled to be finished during the spring semester.
  3. Troxel Hall: If there’s one thing I can’t stay away from, it’s a shiny new lecture hall. All joking aside, this will be a cool lecture hall. It contains a hefty 400 seats and will be officially dedicated the first Friday of classes.
  4. New food, tasty! Every year the dining halls seem to add some new recipe or method, they haven’t failed to deliver this year. Curtiss Hall (conveniently located 10 yards from the Jischke Honors Building) will be gaining a wonderful sandwich, salad and dessert kiosk. The Memorial Union Café will be adding a Mediterranean lunch and a rice/noodle bowl. And just when I move off the meal plan…
  5. Cyride: ISU’s favorite bus service ramps things up for another year. While we can be sure they’ll still remind us to call our moms and tell us to “HAVE A NICE DAY J” there will be some additions. 30 new drivers will be joining the ranks with 4 busses being called back into service. To top it all off an extra 10 hours of service will be provided.
  6. FHP: Everyone’s most loved First-Year Honors Program has a lot in store this year. I’ve been working alongside the Honors staff and my fellow Undergraduate Assistants (Nick and Krista) to put together an AMAZING year for the first year honors students. We’ve trained in an incredible batch of 72 leaders, started planning for a funstravaganza filled retreat and, perhaps most relevant to this year’s FHP participants, organized a fantabulous picnic the evening before classes start. No spoilers or anything, but I hear Ames’s beloved Hickory Park is catering.

With so many exciting things happening on campus this year you can be sure there won’t ever be a dull moment. So as you’re packing your things and looking woefully on the end of summer remember all the good things to come. Also remember one can never have enough socks.

F1 002Lancelot and Elaine, ISU’s resident swans

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