First Days As A Cyclone, Part 1

We asked First-Year Honors Program students to tell us a little about their first official week as Iowa State students…here’s what they said!

DSC02574Section L2 at the FHP Kickoff


My first week has been amazing thus far! I have really enjoyed life as a college student, and am really enjoying Honors. One of the great things about honors that I’ve found is spending some of my free time in the middle of the day taking in the AC and doing some studying. Jischke is really a great place to hang during any down time. My first couple classes included a Chemistry lecture that began with a few minutes of Finding Nemo, and being a part of the smallest English 250H class on campus. I’m looking forward to a great year!

Garret K., Software Engineering


FHP has literally been like a breath of fresh air to me so far. All of my classes are lectures with 200+, if not 400 students. Both of my honors seminars have less than 15 students and the level of interaction is amazing. I’m excited to involve myself further in the FHP!

Sarah S., Agricultural Education


My first day of classes went a lot better than expected. I thought most of my classes would be huge lectures where I was just another number and all the professor does is drone on. I walked into honors Calc 2 and at the most there were 35 people and the professor was interacting with the class. It had the size of a high school class with college level education and I was thinking “This is great”. It was like this for all my classes too! The only really large class I have is Aero 160 Honors but at the most there’s only 80 people in the class. I will go on record and say it was better than my first day as a senior in high school. I will be honest I wasn’t even thinking about the heat until the end of Monday. I felt fine the entire day until I looked in my car and it read 102!

Ray S., Aerospace Engineering


DSC02531FHP students lining up for the annual group photo at Sunday’s kickoff


My first week at Iowa State was wonderful! I tried really hard not to come across as typical freshman college student with my map out and the look of pure confusion, when in reality, I mapped out my classes the night before and didn’t dare veer away from those directions.  Other students around campus were very helpful though and finding each class wasn’t as hard as I imagined.  Caribou Coffee is by far my favorite place on campus, as well as going to State Gym.  I participated in a yoga class and a cycling class there, and loved it!! Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better first week of college.  Especially with the football game coming up this weekend, it can only get better!! Go State!!

Brooke S., Pre-Business


The FHP kickoff was amazing. I really liked the picnic and the team ultimate ninja. My roommate and myself have two fans running 24/7 to keep the temperature down. My favorite spot on campus is the Pioneer room in the MU. I am excited about the honors getaway!

Aaron B., Biological Systems Engineering


Honors is probably the only thing standing between me and heat stroke. I visit the Jischke Honors building during the hottest points of the day because it’s air conditioned. It’s a great spot to chill out between classes and meet people, because every five minutes I get disconnected from the wifi, and human interaction becomes the only way to mitigate mind-numbing boredom. Everyone in the building is friendly and helpful and it’s a fantastic environment. My honors 121 section met for the first time yesterday and it was even better than I had expected. I absolutely cannot wait for the honors retreat because I’m a very competitive person and the vague promise of “I think the section with the most points wins, like, free pizza?” gets me excited. In summation my first week is going incredibly well and I am having a blast with Honors!
Danny C., Physics

Being a Cyclone is amazing! Everyone from professors to fellow students have been incredibly helpful this past week; it couldn’t have been a more enjoyable experience! With a lack of air conditioning, we’ve turned our 9th floor room at Wilson into a “cyclone” with 7 fans going 24/7! Who needs air-conditioning anyway, especially when you’re a Cyclone?!?

Bailey Y., Aerospace Engineering

DSC02599Relays at the FHP Kickoff


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