The Burly Curlers

Well hello again, Savannah here! Today is the first day of the fourth week of classes this semester. You’d think by Junior year that I’d have everything figured out, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: each semester at Iowa State is so excitingly different and new; you never get a chance to become totally set in your ways.

For example, the other week a couple of my friends called me up and asked me if I wanted to join their curling intramural team. With the promise of a team name of “Burly Curlers,” I just couldn’t refuse. Having never curled before, I had to learn the rules and just hope I could put them into practice on the ice. To summarize my findings: curling is a game where each team’s goal is to send large, 44-pound granite stones across an ice rink and have them stop in the center of a painted, three-ringed circle. Each round, there is one person on the team that throws the stone, one person that stands by the circle on the other end and points at where they think the thrower should aim, and two players that have brooms they use to frantically sweep (and therefore, with the help of friction, melt) the ice in front of the sliding stone in order to make it go further. Simple in theory, difficult in practice. Our whole game we were slip-sliding around, accidentally throwing our stones diagonally, and oftentimes sending the stone across the ice so forcefully that it went sailing past the target.

Because you can’t have a truly great curling team without uniforms, we decided to just go crazy and put on the weirdest clothes we had. Here’s a picture of us after the game, looking exceptionally burly and fashionable, if I do say so myself:


PutnamSo fierce

Although we didn’t make it past the first round (the other team got a point in literally the last shot, breaking our tie), it was probably one of the coolest things I’ve done at college. Before I came to Iowa State, I didn’t realize that people in college sometimes take breaks from studying by joining curling teams. But they do, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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