Have you met Anndrea, Ambassadors’ resident architect?


So this week has been rather hectic, but in a good way:

My name is Anndrea Joiner. I am a 4th year architecture student, which should say enough about why I am so busy. I am also minoring in Design studies, Religious Studies and Psychology. Needless to say I really enjoy school. But this week everything is going on. I am a CA (Community Advisor—the same as the traditional RA) on the best Honors floor ever (maybe I’m biased), Starbuck! Starbuck is on the west side of campus in Martin Hall (one of the suite buildings). Being a CA is great because my residents want to achieve and go to dinner with each other nearly every night, which makes my job easier. Plus it is like I inherited 90 new friends.

JoinerAn old pic I cropped of Anndrea from way, way back

Back to why things are crazy—I have 4 tests this week, one project due and I leave for an architecture field trip on Friday morning. This should explain it: http://architortureschool.tumblr.com/post/49340209461/trying-to-leave-the-architecture-school. So I have to get it all finished before then and also do the work for the classes I have already missed. This is my first blog post so I am unsure what to really write about, maybe next time I won’t be as scattered. Whelp, got to go-go-go! There is work to be done.


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