A Science-y Salon

Hello, this is Katey! So the Honors Program has just started a new series of events this year called Honors Salons, where Honors students gather to listen and watch as professors, Honors alumni, and Ames community members lead a discussion on any topic they wish! This past Friday was the second one conducted this year, and I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Larry Genalo talk about materials engineering and conduct some awesome experiments!

Oswald 2Dr. Genalo and a great turnout at his Salon

Not only was fire and liquid nitrogen involved, but there also was a chance encounter where I almost got hit by a shattered piece of a liquid nitrogenized bouncy ball that he had thrown against the wall. You can say that put me on high alert. I felt a little better though when I got to eat a liquid nitrogenized marshmallow – it tasted like sugary snow!

Oswald 1Dr. Genalo shattering some tempered glass

I love science, and these experiments and the way Dr. Genalo engaged with us made me excited all over again (it was like watching Mythbusters live!). I learned something, ate something, and overall had a fantastic time. I can’t wait to see what salons we will be having in the future!

I did mention there was milk and cookies too, right? So delicious!

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