What Happens When Honors Students Move Off-Campus? Things Get Interesting

by Nick Terhall

I wrote a while back about how it was to live in a traditional Honors house or cluster in an on-campus residence hall, but now I’d like to shed a little light on what happens after you decide to live off-campus!

To preface: my two years living in Lorch-Russell in Friley Hall were, simply put, incredible in every regard. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the first two years of my college experience. However, now that I’m a junior, I’m really enjoying living in a rented house a few blocks from campus! I currently live with three other guys, two of which I actually lived with last year on Lorch-Russell. Even though we call ourselves the “Ex-Student Government House”, three of us are or have been in Honors at some point, so I think that makes us an “Honors House” of sorts!

Terhall 2Two football games on at once?  No problem with a house full of engineers!

Even though we’re now outside of the traditional Honors housing, things haven’t gotten any less crazy around the house. Between friends running in and out of the house constantly,  various construction and home improvement projects, and the piles of homework that come with three junior engineering students, there’s hardly ever a dull moment! We’re also learning how to cook (and mercilessly, hopelessly, and utterly burn) food for ourselves, which has kept things interesting.

Terhall 3Mac on mac on mac on cheese!

Another quirky fact about our house is that we have seven couches. That’s right, seven. Do we really need seven couches? Probably not, but five of them were free, so why not?!  We also have a hot tub that someone decided to take a sledgehammer to a while back, which we’d like to fix eventually but will probably have a hard time on a broke college student budget. Oh, and I also forgot to mention that we have a cat! We call him Firby, or Firbs for short, and with his ping-pong ball hunting shenanigans, fits right in to make our house more interesting.

Terhall 1Bike rack we built

All in all, living in a house with Honors and engineering students is nothing short of wonderful. Couch is too low? We’ll build stilts. Too many bikes in the garage? Let’s build a free-standing bike rack. More projects like these are already in the works and I couldn’t be more excited for the next two years living here!


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