Every Yard for ISU

by Alexis Coulter

If you are going to do anything at Iowa State, besides graduating of course, you need to make it a priority to at least go to one football game! It is by far one of my favorite, and especially one of the most thrilling parts, of the college adventure.  I love cramming in the stands next to fellow students and screaming at the top of my lungs for our team.  It is a joy that is rarely found.

\Before you attend your first football game, there are a few things that you should know.  First off, you can’t bring any food or drinks into the game.  For me, this is probably the only bad part of the games because I am always hungry…ALWAYS.  Usually before games I stuff myself with a good two meals because it is just too expensive to buy food or water at the game…yes, I know that I am cheap.  But if you don’t eat at the game, it is a perfect excuse to hit up Jeff’s Pizza after.  I would recommend bringing an empty water bottle to Jack Trice and then filling it up at the drinking fountain once you get inside.  Also ladies, if you bring money, don’t bring a purse, or just bring a tiny one.  Having a bag is just a hassle to watch over throughout the game and sometimes other food and drinks spill all over your stuff from excited fans.  I would recommend wearing pants with pockets in them so you will always have what you need right on you.  Usually, I only bring my ID (DON’T forget your ID), keys (you also may want to put these on a lanyard because we shake them during cheers), an empty water bottle, sunglasses, and sometimes a sweatshirt for night games.   Also, when we score a touchdown it is not weird, actually expected, that you jump up and down and high five the strangers around you…it just might be weird if you hug them.

Coulter 1Go State!

Another piece of advice is to go to the game early to get in line.  Everyone loves football, and so of course everyone wants to get good seats.  My friends and I always go super early as it is an excuse not to do homework and you are forced to talk about life in the stands while you wait for the game to start.  As I mentioned before, most people love football and this also means that finding a seat becomes somewhat of a race.  This is especially true for the Iowa vs. Iowa State game that I attended a few weekends ago.  At this game, I learned another important piece of advice: DO NOT wear flip flops to the Iowa vs. Iowa State game.  As we were waiting in line, I got pushed against a trash can by the mob of people and my shoe got stuck under it.   I quickly learned that in a mob situation, you can’t just bend down or you will get trampled…so I just ran away, panicking, with one shoe on.  I spent the rest of the game avoiding spilled food.  I’d say I learned my lesson.  By the way, that story is not meant to scare you away from games, it just adds to the excitement!  I really think that football games are one of the best Iowa State experiences.  You get to bond with friends, cheer for the best marching band and football team, and your school spirit skyrockets after each game.  Every time I leave with a greater love for Iowa State!  The games are just a cherry on top of a great Iowa State Adventure.  In fact, I almost think that going to a football game should be a requirement to graduate.

Coulter 2Dat trash can…

Go Cyclones!


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