A Few of the Greatest Eats in Ames

by Paige Wilson

Picture 019

Paige (that’s her on the left) has done the heavy (fork) lifting for you and has identified her favorite Ames eats for you to patronize.  Check them out and comment if you agree!

Feeling Thai food? Definitely hit up The Spice on Main Street. Not only is it authentic, it serves huge portions. It can get kinda spendy, but if you go between 11am-2:30pm Monday-Friday for their lunch specials, you can get a meal for around 10 dollars. The desserts are also phenomenal, so pair it with a lunch special order and you’ll be planning the next trip for tomorrow.

Tired of the same old same old Papa John’s, Dominos, or the occasional Jeff’s fast food pizza run? Great Plains on Main Street is definitely a must try. If you go with eyes as big as your stomach, go for the regular crust (instead of thin crust) and grab a bottle of honey on your way to the table to dip the remaining crust in after you’ve devoured the actual pizza. This place is great because they have a few specialty pizzas, but you can add on whatever toppings you want; and trust me when I say two pieces will make you extremely full. It’s also a great re-heatable lunch for the next day, definitely a bang for your buck!

Ok, so you’ve crafted your Jimmy John’s, Subway, or a create-your-own sub at the dining center order to perfection, but trust me when I say you haven’t had a delicious sandwich until you’ve gone to West Street Deli (on West Street, of course), right next to Thumbs. This little sandwich shop has a laid-back, friendly atmosphere and also serves IBC root beer! Not sold yet? The specialty sandwiches are delicious and CHEAP. The menu includes sandwiches, wraps, soups, and sides. You can create your own, or order from the menu. Also, did I mention that they sell cookies literally the size of your face? It’s open 11am-7pm Monday-Saturday. You’re welcome.

Feeling some Irish cuisine? Dublin Bay on 16th Street is your go-to restaurant. It was awarded two $$ on the urban spoon app so it has relatively reasonable prices, especially considering the portions you’re going to be served. All I’m saying is don’t plan on going from supper at Dublin Bay to volleyball practice  because you will have a brick in your stomach for hours after you get back home. The menu consist of authentic dishes like beef boxty, bangers and mash, Shepard’s pie, and other delicious sandwiches, soups and salads for the lighter eaters, and the very best spinach artichoke dip you will ever inhale. This venue also has a super laid-back atmosphere, serves tons of craft beers (if you’re of age, of course), and is open 11am-11pm all days of the week (9pm on Sunday).

Try a few out and tell your friends! There are many more places out there, as well. Go discover the wonderful eats of Ames.


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