Stick it Out!

by Alexis Coulter

Soooo, is anyone over school yet? I know that I for sure have been feeling that way lately! After getting a preview of home from Parent’s Weekend, I can assure you that I am one hundred times more unmotivated to do school work than I was before.  And I don’t believe that I am alone in this.  I think that about this time of year students hit a wall and begin hopefully counting down the days until Thanksgiving Break.  I know the excuses… “I can’t stay focused on school when the weather is nice!”, “The leaves are changing and it is too beautiful to stay in the library!,” or simply just “Pumpkins! Apple cider!” Although these are all valid reasons not to study, we have to remember that no matter how lovely this season is we can’t fall behind in our classes.  Therefore, I have made a list of ways that will hopefully help those of you who are unmotivated, like me, to stay focused for the remaining weeks before Break.


I would recommend going for a nice run around campus or heading to the gym before starting your homework and studying.  You feel refreshed and quite awake after you get your blood pumping.  It should be enough to keep you motivated at least for a few hours.  Plus, if you run outside it is an excuse to see the pretty leaves!

Read a non-textbook:

I know that for some of us reading textbooks for so many years has ruined our interest in reading for fun.  However, reading a chapter or two in a fun book can be a nice study break that is a quick and easy indulgence before the hard work begins.  If anything, it will at least add something you look forward to in the day.  Just don’t try to read something like all of The Hunger Games before the movie comes out, or you will never get anything done.


This is a productive study break! Clean your room or organize your desk and papers.  Cleaning is good stress-relief that motivates you to continue doing productive things, like studying!

Go for a walk:

If you just absolutely cannot stay inside on a beautiful fall day, allow yourself to go for a quick walk around campus.  If you are feeling stressed with classes, a walk can calm you down and help you feel rejuvenated for homework.

Make a list:

Making a list of assignments and things to get done is really helpful for me.   I get so much satisfaction from crossing something off my “To Do List” that it motivates me to keep crossing things off.  Making a list of things you have to do also helps you organize what needs to get done by when.  I would recommend even writing out how much time you will spend on each subject and try to switch it up so you are not always bogged down with one topic.

Just say no to the junk:

I am so guilty of this one.  When I am feeling stressed, which leads to a lack of motivation, all I want to do is eat junk food.  However, this is just not a good therapy session.  When you start eating junk, you can’t stop, then you just feel lazy, and nothing productive comes out of it.  If you are going to snack, eat something healthy without a lot of sugar.  If you are feeling motivated to be healthy, there is more of a chance you will stay motivated to do school stuff.

Study in different places:

You are going to hate studying even more if you are always studying in the same spot.  You will learn to hate that place even before you arrive there, and then you will already hate your homework.  Try switching up where you will study.  It will add some fun into it and you won’t completely hate your life before you start.

Reward yourself:

The most important thing about staying motivated is to allow yourself a break from studying to do something for you.  Whether that be some of the things I mentioned above (exercise, walk, etc.), or something you come up with, you need to give yourself something to look forward to with studying.  For example, after I study for an hour or so, I allow myself to stalk on Facebook for 10 minutes and then go back to studying.  As long as you are studying with a purpose, which may only be to study for an hour to get your reward, you are a lot more likely to get stuff done.  And the more you get stuff done, the faster your week will go, and the faster Break gets here.

So, just hang in there! Only three weeks left!

 Coulter GoslingFor the ladies…this should be enough motivation


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