How to Make Apple Cider

this quintessential fall tale is told by Kelcy Weibel

Step 1: Go home for the weekend

Step 2:  Dad reads a Craig’s List posting about free apples

Step 3:  Spend the morning picking 140 pounds of apples in a stranger’s backyard

Weibel 3

Step 4:  Pick up an apple cider press

Step 5:  Set up the apple cider press operation in the driveway, with the supervision of the dog

Weibel 1

Step 6:  Dump half a bucket of apples into the top of the press to be cut up (watch out… apple pieces will fly everywhere)

Step 7:  Move the cut up pieces to the next bucket to be squished

Step 8:  Crank to squeeze the juice out of the cut up apples

Step 9:  Catch the cider in tubs

Step 10:  Filter the cider (you’ll want a funnel, or in our case a makeshift funnel made out of a cut up plastic water bottle…)

Step 11:  Pour into jugs!  (Hopefully you have a lot of empty milk jugs lying around…)

Weibel 2

Step 12:  Enjoy your fresh cider!    Just remember to pick the apple chunks out of your hair later on.


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