A Semester of FHP: A Retrospective

It’s the end of the semester!  We asked FHP students how their first semesters were, and we received some great submissions.  You might remember some of these students’ thoughts at the beginning of the semester here and here.

FelkerDoctor Who!  Alex F., Section J2, Design

I’ve had a really great semester. I’ve made so many friends and gotten involved with so many things that I never even had time to be homesick, especially because I’ve found a second family in my fraternity. The cold has been an adjustment, as I’m from Colorado and while it does get cold there, it doesn’t compare to the bitterly cold wind here in Iowa. But the cold is definitely better than the heat, you can always put on more layers but the amount of clothes you can take off is finite (at least the amount of clothes you can take off that is socially acceptable). Everyone at Iowa State is so nice and my mentors, professors, advisers and Career Services have been incredibly helpful. I wasn’t sure if I made the right decision when I came to Iowa State, but I’ve gained so much clarity about my goals and the steps I need to take to achieve them that I know there is no better place for me than Iowa State University. 🙂 

Riley M., Section K2, Pre-Business

coates ames labFirst off, I love Iowa State and every day here has been amazing. I’ve gotten stressed about stuff at home and school work, but there are so many people here for me to count on I don’t really have to worry about it! I am happy to say that I have made my closest friend at Iowa State through my Honors section. I can’t wait for next semester’s FHP Mentor program! I’ve already gotten started with my group – they gave me a key to the lab and everything! I was worried about being to ONLY undergraduate student on the project, but they all included me with no hesitation.
Kelci C., Section M3, Chemical Engineering

My first semester at Iowa State has been outstanding. I had a difficult time deciding which I college I wanted to attend during high school, but this semester is proof that I definitely made the right choice. From football games, to pulling all-nighters, hanging in the dinning centers, to winning my first intramural champion shirt, this semester has been one to remember. The best part is I still have over three more years to spend on one of the most beautiful campus’ in the nation. In addition, worlds of opportunities are awaiting. Next semester, I have the privilege of doing research with a professor through the First-Year Honors Program, and this summer I am considering studying abroad in Italy! So far, college has truly been everything I have hoped for and more!

Olivia R., Section H3, Supply Chain Management and Business Economics

clip_image002The Bros of Room 2353 from Martin Hall decided to take their Christmas card to the next level this year. They photoshopped an image segmented into 143 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper costing them over 2,000 printing credits to print.
Michael S., Section G2, Computer Engineering

As for my semester, it has gone really well! I really enjoyed my FHP group, and I’m happy to say I made a good friend from it. Classes of course have been keeping me busy. They’re going about how I imagined, which almost never happens. I live in Friley, and I love it! I’ve made some fantastic new friends, including my roommate. I joined the IAAS club on campus, and I feel so fortunate to be attending the EDM in Poland over Christmas break because of it. Iowa State is awesome, but let’s be honest – we already knew that. 🙂

Rylee M., Section G1, Global Resource Systems


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