Tell me again why I can’t bring my pet to college?

by Kelcy Weibel

When we go to college, many of us leave not only our families, but also our beloved dogs behind.  Apparently dogs make us smile 34 times each day, so it’s no surprise that their absence is so noticeable when we’re here at school.   Besides their love and affection, their crumb cleaning abilities keep the floor cleaner than my roommates and I will ever be able to manage.  While they keep it clean in this respect, their shedding and drool smudges give the house just that right amount of lived-in love and provide an excuse for the dirtiness.  For example, when you find a little puddle on the floor on the floor you just assume the dog drooled rather than admitting to yourself that you or your roommates tracked in snow.  Yet, their cuddling and friendship is what we really miss, and we fill in their gap by bonding with our new friends at ISU and roommate hugs.

 Weibel dog

We talk about our dogs, like we’re proud parents, at every chance we get.  We never get tired of hearing the stories, even if we’ve heard them over and over.  Cassie won’t walk in front of the refrigerator.  Rocky buried bones in the couch.  Onyx goes on runs every morning despite her age.  And then there’s my Daisy, who I could tell you stories about for hours, but to sum it up, she really does make you smile at every chance she gets.  We love them and miss them, but our four years without them makes us realize how important they are to us.  And they never are truly that far away, whether it’s their lingering dog hair on our clothes or their warmth on our hearts.


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