My Ames/ISU Bucket List

by Rachel Philiph

I can’t believe I am in my sixth semester at Iowa State!! Although at times I feel like I have been in Ames forever, I am also starting to realize how many things I haven’t done yet. Because of this, I am working on making an ISU bucket list. Here are a few of the highlights from my list:

  1. See a concert at the Maintenance Shop. This is definitely number one on my list. Also known as the M-shop, the Maintenance Shop is a small concert venue in the Memorial Union that usually features lesser known groups. I love the idea of seeing a band in a more intimate setting. The other great thing? Tickets are usually around $10! Completely affordable for a cheap college student like me. Here’s the link to the website:
  2. Visit the farmers market on Main Street. Since buying locally is a new trend, I think I’d like to follow suit and buy produce from local farmers. This item is giving me something to look forward to, since the farmers market only happens on Saturdays in May through September.
  3. Take a class at the Workspace. Since I’m an engineer, I don’t get to use the right side of my brain very often. Before I graduate, I want to take a class at the Workspace in the Memorial Union to get my creative juices flowing. Classes are available in drawing, pottery, sewing, and even Argentine tango! I think I’ll have trouble choosing just one!
  4. Eat a cherry pie during VEISHEA. I know, I know, this is one of the quintessential Iowa State traditions and I haven’t done it yet. This year, I will definitely enjoy a pie during this huge celebration of Iowa State.
  5. Get a cupcake at the Ames Cupcake Emporium. Who doesn’t like cupcakes? With more than 100 flavors, there has to be a cupcake here for everyone. I think I want to try the dark chocolate salted caramel cupcake. Yum!

There are so many things I need to do in just three semesters! It has been easy to get caught up in studying and homework, but I’m determined to make the most of the rest of my time at ISU.

One comment on “My Ames/ISU Bucket List

  1. Mark Law says:

    The maintenance shop is a definite must do. I saw Muddy Waters there when I was a student. You can get exposed to some genres that maybe aren’t your favorite, and it is cheap too!

    You have to have a cherry pie!

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