Use Rec Services for All It’s Worth!

by Stephen Todey

It’s the start of a new semester and the start of a new year. I’m never one for making resolution, mainly because I’m terrible at following through with them. This semester, however, I’ve set a goal somewhat different than other goals/resolutions I’ve set in the past. Use Rec Services for all it’s worth.

I recently started climbing at State Gym, and it made me realize how little I’ve actually use Recreation Services. As students, we pay quite a lot of money each semester, and until this semester, I’d rarely used State for anything more than the occasional workout when it was too cold to run outside. There are tons of things you can do at State, Beyer and Leid though. You can do anything from kickboxing to yoga, or racquetball to volleyball (and of course all the boring things like running, elliptical, lifting weights and biking.) If you need convincing, here are some reasons why:

1. Working out will make you feel more motivated. You’ll destroy all your homework.

Todey 2

2. You can hang out with your friends while doing something productive (and maybe even fun).

Todey 5Have glorious fun with your friends while working out!

3. Having fun and working will also relieve stress. If you don’t relieve all your stress from classes, you might turn into Richard Sherman. That wouldn’t be good.

Todey 4

4. It’s an excuse to (moderately) treat yourself.

Todey 3Because everyone needs to rewards themselves for hard work!

Todey_Page_4(yes, I know this picture was in an earlier blog of mine. But it’s Parks and Rec, how can you not love that show.)

In summary, use Rec Services for everything they’re worth if for no other reason than you’re paying for it! Here’s your reward for looking at the pictures in this blog:

Todey 1

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