My Last Semester at Iowa State!

by Sarah van Tol

It’s finally here, my last semester at good ‘ole Iowa State! Today I submitted my last graduate school application, so I am free to take some time to reflect on the last chapter of my ISU adventure.

This semester is unexpectedly busy. When I left for winter break, I anticipated an easy, relaxed 15 weeks with only 15 credits. Of course, as with every other semester, I needed to challenge myself one more time. I requested an independent study in a research lab with one of my former professors to gain more experience in virology and elected to take an immunology lab, and I had 18 credits instead. Crazy right? I could not be happier though! (I’m sure you’re questioning my sanity) Spending 20 plus hours in a lab each week is fantastic. The opportunity to fill the disconnection between the techniques introduced in lecture and the execution of those methods is invaluable.

Of course, being busy does have drawbacks… especially when you’re allergic to caffeine.  I have a rather lengthy ‘bucket-list’ to empty prior to Saturday May 10th. Among the items on this list: attend a Cyclones basketball game, sit in on a random lecture, and play on an intramural team.

Maybe I’m the only one, but this semester is going by too quickly. The first 5 weeks have already past, and I’m down to the final 10 week countdown to my last set of undergraduate finals! On the first day, I was eager to rush to the end and be on my way to life after ISU. Though I wouldn’t mind the weather being nicer, I don’t think I’ll be ready for these last few months to come to a close. Iowa State has been good to me, and I’ve gained confidence and independence that I never anticipated to find. Although I have senioritis like none other, I can’t help the overwhelming nostalgia that sweeps over every time I realize that May is less than 80 days away.

To all the graduating seniors, enjoy these last weeks! Juniors, make sure you’re still having fun! Sophomores, don’t worry if you’re not sure what you want to do… you’ll figure it out! Freshmen, you have three more adventurous years left! Prospective students, don’t wish your time away before college, before you know it you’ll be in your 8th and final semester!

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