An Iowa State Winter Survival Guide

by Stephen Todey

As is evident from the title, these are my tips for surviving winter on campus. You may ask why I’m writing this at the end of February instead of the beginning of winter. Two reasons:  I just had this idea yesterday… but more importantly, IT’S WINTER CLEARANCE TIME! Go shop now and buy yourself winter clothes super cheap! Which leads me to my first few tips.

Todey 2 1

1) Don’t wear leggings. If you do wear leggings, you’re not allowed to complain about how cold it is outside. It’s winter. Put some pants on (side note: I have been told wearing leggings under jeans is both comfortable and warm, so if you’re into that kind of thing…).

Todey 2 2Even Boromir knows what’s up.

2) Wear appropriate clothing. This includes: wool socks, hats (or hoods), gloves and scarves. Also, it’s not cool to walk around without gloves and a hat when it’s below zero. Unless you’re Canadian.

Todey 2 3Even cats love wool socks.

3) Wear an appropriate coat for the weather. If it’s going to snow/sleet/THUNDERSNOW, it’s not the best idea to wear a wool coat. A ski-type jacket that keeps you dry walking around campus is really necessary for the bad days. Besides, you don’t want to smell like a wet animal.


4) Dress in layers. This is extremely important. Even a coat that isn’t terribly warm can work in extreme temperatures.  I like to wear a t-shirt, then an Eddie Bauer quarter zip, then an Eddie Bauer Fleece, and then my jacket. Sometimes on really cold days I’ll throw on another Eddie Bauer sweatshirt or sweater (If you can’t tell, I am basically a walking advertisement for Eddie Bauer. And right now their clearance is 40% off!!).  Point is, bundle yourself up!

Todey 2 5Randy knows how to bundle up.

5) Buy boots. I recently bought hiking boots for a couple of trips I’ll be taking this year, and while breaking them in on campus, I realized they’re the greatest thing to wear on your feet. A good pair of boots will keep your feet warm and dry- this is especially important when all the snow melts and the sidewalks of Iowa State turn into ponds. Side note: the boots need to be waterproof (or nearly waterproof) to be effective. A fashionable boot is great and all, but even the prettiest boots are worthless if they don’t keep your feet dry.

Todey 2 6This mountain man wears boots. You should too.

6) Learn to walk on ice. I stole this picture, but it’s a pretty good description of what you should try to do.

Todey 2 7As an aside – if you fall, try to fall on your butt. Also, try to avoid bracing yourself when you land – it’s better to fall on your rear than to break an arm or wrist trying to catch yourself.

What you should do now: GO SHOP! But seriously, if you don’t want to spend $150+ on a pair of boots, $20 per pair of wool socks, $60 for a fleece, and $200 for a nice winter jacket, hit up some winter clearance sales. You’ll be glad you did next winter.



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