Anybody Know Anything About Bees?

by Anna Wilcox

The cold weather and the numerous tests I have had this week has me longing for summer. I am especially excited for this summer because I will be going to Uganda on a service-learning trip with ISU’s College of Agriculture. This is the first time I will have traveled internationally, and I couldn’t be more excited. There are eight Iowa State students going on the trip along with four Iowa State University professors. We will also be working with students from Makerere University from Kampala, Uganda. The service-learning trip consists of working at primary schools in Uganda and teaching classes, working in a school garden, and completing our independent projects. The independent projects range anywhere from irrigation to grain storage. I thought for sure I knew what I wanted my independent project to be. I am a nutritional science major and one of the projects is health and nutrition; it just makes sense that I would pick that one. On the day we decided our projects I blanked, and on a whim I chose to do beekeeping as my project. I know literally nothing about bees, so this will be a huge learning experience for me.  If anyone reading this has any sort of knowledge on bees let me know; googling “beekeeping” will only get me so far. It is kind of daunting because my knowledge is slim to none on bees, but it’s pretty cool to say that I will spend my summer keeping bees in Africa. For know I can only dream of the warm weather and the adventures this summer will bring.


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