Top Three Reasons Why Spring is Wishful Thinking

by Austin Ritter

As winter is supposedly breathing its last here in Ames, we students are enjoying the weather that is no longer attached to a negative mathematical symbol. While the wind may be occasionally blustery and the snow still falls once in a while, it’s easy to believe that spring is just around the corner. I don’t mean to sound cynical, but I’m about to share with you my top three reasons why I believe spring is wishful thinking.

1) We love spring, we really do
One of the best things about going to Iowa State is the beautiful campus. Ask any son or daughter of Iowa State, or even just a visitor, and you will be serenaded with praises about the nature and beauty of our campus. That is, if it isn’t winter. When it’s winter, it’s difficult to see the campus when your eyelids are frozen shut. So it is easy to see why we, as daily residents of this grand campus, yearn for the campus we know and love in warm weather. We wish our campus was like that every day, and thus we are oh so hopeful and optimistic about that day. That is why we try to convince ourselves, often by telling others audibly, that spring is finally nearing us!

2) 2013…
Now, I have an admission to make. If I sound somewhat embittered about the Iowa weather, it is because of this reason right here: last year I was just a young freshman, enjoying the wonderful late April springtime weather. I was one of the multitude of students out on central campus doing a combination of breathing fresh air while studying for the dreaded finals. That was because our campus looked like this:

Ritter 1

As opposed to May 3, 2013, a day which will forever live in infamy, which looked like this:

Ritter 2

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and I agree. Iowa State’s campus is still beautiful, even if it’s doused in snow. Be that as it may, we cannot escape that it snowed in May. Snowed. In May. Enough said.

3) Weather prediction
Let’s be honest. This will probably be my least contested point. You know that spring is wishful thinking when your most consistent weather predictor is this guy:

Ritter 3

The fact that the groundhog tradition is still around says something. No one actually believes what the groundhog predicts because it’s just some silly fun. it? Seriously though, it seems like every year the groundhog ends up predicting more winter, and every year just as the relief of spring is about to shine through, we get another wintry blast. Not that I think a furry little animal can predict the weather any better than we can, I mean Phil (the groundhog) is just scared of its shadow. That being said, I do think that as spring starts breaking through, winter clings all the harder. I can’t wait for spring, but I may just be a wishful thinker.

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