Are You Enjoying Your Adventure?

by Alexis Coulter

So, are you enjoying your adventure at Iowa State? Just because they whisper about it in commercials, doesn’t mean that having an adventure at ISU is this big secret. As a third year Honors student, I can speak from experience that your adventure does not begin and end with a good GPA. As class registration is happening now (yes, I know it is terrifying), I want you to consider taking classes that are not solely part of your perfectly organized Four Year Plan. Let’s be real, you change your Four Year Plan every semester anyway.

Obviously you should ensure that you will meet all of your major and graduation requirements, but I want you to try and fit classes in there for YOU. I’m saying this because I know that ISU has some amazing classes to offer that are just flat out fun to take. Right now you are probably scoffing and saying that you couldn’t possibly have room in your 19 credit hour schedule to fit a FUN class. You wouldn’t want to waste a precious hour taking another class because, my goodness, you have to study every minute of every day since you are an Honors student, and that’s what you do.


Don’t be that lame-o nerd. Although we are all tired of hearing it, everyone says that college is the best time of our lives. So with that, I am again going to encourage you to take a class for YOU this semester. Currently, I am enrolled in Kinesiology 170, better known as Tae Kwon Doe. To be completely honest, I am really not that great at it. But hey, I got a colored belt (don’t mind that it is the first level), and I’m learning a lot more than just how to kick into the air. Tae Kwon Doe is teaching me how to be confident, let go of some academic stress, and…how to be awake in the morning. I took this class first thing in the morning two times a week, and I have to admit it is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. It is a good workout to wake me up, and I can’t skip it…because it is a graded class. I’m not saying that you have to take Tae Kwon Doe, but there are so many courses that you could take if you wanted to learn a new skill and get a workout out at the same time (Walking for Fitness, Ice Skating, Ballroom Dancing, etc). This isn’t going to be a burden on your schedule because doing some type of physical activity should be necessary, and it is great stress relief! If physical activity is not something you do, then just take extra Honors Seminars or the Wine & Spirits class (if you are 21 obviously). You could even just be crazy and take a non-required class out of your major, just because you can. And you can! Don’t let the thought of adding another credit make you imagine your GPA dropping a few decimal points. You will be fine, trust me! Make sure you are making the most out of ALL of the classes that are offered here at Iowa State and go explore what’s offered. That’s one of the ways you can guarantee you are enjoying your Adventure to the fullest.

CoulterWatch out…I might kick you to death


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