It is VEISHEA week!

by Victoria Thompson

When I first decided to attend Iowa State, I had heard about VEISHEA, but I never really understood the history or point of the weeklong tradition. Now that I will be soon venturing into my second VEISHEA, I know a lot more about this Iowa State custom!VEISHEA button

So what exactly is VEISHEA? VEISHEA is a celebration held at Iowa State each April, serving as a display of the Iowa State community by showcasing a range of educational and entertainment events. VEISHEA was named in 1922 by Professor Frank D. Paine, Department of General Engineering. The word VEISHEA stands for: Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Industrial Science, Home Economics, and Agriculture. According to the VEISHEA website, the representation of all schools in the name symbolizes the unity and combined effort during the many months of planning and preparation. This totally makes sense, because VEISHEA takes a ton of work! While I am not on any VEISHEA committees, I have a lot of friends who are and they all absolutely love it! These leadership positions are great opportunities to get to know more people and to become more involved at Iowa State.

Even if you are not involved with planning VEISHEA, there are plenty of activities to look forward to! I am very excited for the festivities this week. Here is a list of my favorite events!

  • Food on Campus – Students and faculty can purchase a button which provides a total of 5 meals during the VEISHEA week. The buttons can be bought in the Memorial Union by the West Student Office Space, or at the tent during the week of VEISHEA. This year, Hickory Park and Jimmy John’s are two of the five companies that will be catering a lunch! These lunches are found on central campus from 11 AM – 2 PM in a big tent, so it is pretty hard to miss! Also, the VEISHEA International Food Fair is from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM on the Saturday of the VEISHEA Celebration. Visitors to the Memorial Union will have the chance to try over 40 food and beverage items from over 15 countries around the world. Finally, don’t forget to buy a mini cherry pie from MacKay Hall!
  • Entertainment – Last year I had a blast at the concerts. I am looking forward to the 2014 concerts this Friday and Saturday night. This year’s line-up includes Timeflies, Down with Webster, Paradise Fears, T.I., Jamie Lynn Spears, Cassadee Pope, and many other awesome artists. DID I MENTION I AM SUPER EXCITED?!?
  • Parade – The VEISHEA Parade is also on the Saturday of VEISHEA. It is fun to either be involved in the parade or watching it from the sidewalks! The parade goes right through campus, so it is super convenient to attend. Be sure to look for the Microbiology Club float! We have partnered with the College of Design to make a fantastically nerdy and realistic float. Not to brag, but it will probably be the best. 🙂
  • Veterinary College Open House – This year, I will be spending my VEISHEA Saturday at the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. (I mean, this is the V in VEISHEA 🙂 ) The Vet School’s Annual Open House has many activities for both children and adults. There are vet students representing their clubs throughout the veterinary college. There are also demonstrations and tours available for all visitors. I am most excited for the Prospective Student Seminar, which will give me tips on how to better my vet school application.

I hope that you will enjoy this week of VEISHEA and will now know a little bit more about the spectacular tradition. If you want any more information regarding VEISHEA, go to and explore the website!

And finally a shout-out to all the hard-working 2014 VEISHEA Committee Members!  🙂


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