Ambassador Showcase: Jake

ISU Honors has a group of talented, crazy awesome students that serve as ambassadors for the program.  You should meet them!  This week’s ambassador is Jake Harry:


The best thing about being the age you are right now (junior): Junior year – this is the year I take all my major specific classes, which is nice because you get to really know your classmates and make good friends

Your favorite FHP memory: Eating s’mores at the FHP retreat campfire

Your favorite food served in the ISU dining centers: UDCC Pasta and Breadsticks

The best Honors event you’ve been to: Honors Salon about Triathlons with Dr. Jenks

Your favorite Cyclone memory: Beating #2 OSU in Football on national television

Describe one Honors course or seminar you’ve taken: My Honors Seminar on general financial planning consisted of having speakers from various fiscal industries and getting a lowdown on the economics of “big-kid” life

Your favorite place to get coffee/snacks on campus: Pizza stand in Hoover

One thing on your ISU “bucket list”: Attend a VEISHEA concert

Your favorite napping spot on campus: My apartment

The best thing about the Honors building:  The people upstairs

Who is your boy?? Coach Paul Rhoads or Coach Fred Hoiberg?  Coach Fred Hoiberg

The most meaningful thing you’ve been involved with/done at ISU:  Becoming involved with research in the Aerospace Engineering department early on in my academic career (it has opened so many doors)


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