Ambassador Showcase: Rachel

ISU Honors has a group of talented, crazy awesome students that serve as ambassadors for the program.  You should meet them!  Today, it’s Rachel Philiph:


The best thing about being the age you are right now (junior): As a junior, I actually feel like an upperclassman. Freshmen and sophomores sometimes come and ask me questions about campus and classes, and I actually know the answers! It’s pretty cool.

Your favorite FHP memory: Meeting my FHP class for the first time when I was a leader. I anticipated that day for a long time and I was so excited to finally meet everyone.

Your favorite food served in the ISU dining centers: The chicken tacos were the best! I conned one of my friends with a meal plan into taking me back to the UDCC just to eat a chicken taco.

The best Honors event you’ve been to: Going to New Orleans for the National Collegiate Honors Council’s Annual Conference was awesome. I met cool people from all over the country and shared ideas about Honors. It was also cool to hang out with fellow ISU honors members and faculty. Among all the other things I did in New Orleans, my favorite part was probably discovering beignets.

Your favorite Cyclone memory: The first time I went to a basketball game: it was against Kansas State and my friends and I got there at the last minute. I was worried we wouldn’t find a seat, but we ended up in the fourth row of the student section. It was a great game, and ISU won!

Describe one Honors course or seminar you’ve taken: I took a seminar on nutrition with Dr. Beitz last semester. We talked about interesting aspects of human nutrition, and we disproved some nutrition myths. My favorite fun fact: if you were to live off of just one food, your best bet would be eggs (including the shells for calcium).

Your favorite place to get coffee/snacks on campus: Caribou Coffee of course! To avoid long lines, I’ve found the best times to go are at half past the hour or on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

One thing on your ISU “bucket list”: Take an art class through the Workspace at the Memorial Union. Throwing clay would be a nice break from solving differential equations.

Your favorite napping spot on campus: I’ve actually never taken a nap on campus. I’m too self-conscious of how I look when I’m asleep.

The best thing about the Honors building: The chairs in the lobby area are so comfortable! It’s great to take a break and curl up to read a book in there.

Who is your boy?? Coach Paul Rhoads or Coach Fred Hoiberg? I think of Paul Rhoads as more of a grandfather, so I guess that makes Fred Hoiberg my boy.

The most meaningful thing you’ve been involved with/done at ISU: Getting involved with research through the Mentor Program has definitely been my most meaningful experience at ISU. I’ve been able to work on research with applications to cancer treatment, therapies for diabetes, and new wound treatments.


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