Ambassador Showcase: Savannah

ISU Honors has a group of talented, crazy awesome students that serve as ambassadors for the program.  You should meet them!  Today, it’s Savannah Putnam:


The best thing about being the age you are right now (junior): The best thing about being a Junior is I am finally an upperclassman and can make all the freshmen do my bidding.

Your favorite FHP memory: My favorite FHP memory would have to be taking our section picture on the top of the stairs of Curtiss in our togas and having someone from The Iowa State Daily spot us and snap a picture for the newspaper. At the time, I thought that nothing could be cooler than getting in The Daily.

Your favorite food served in the ISU dining centers: My favorite food served in the dining centers is the scotcheroos. Nom.

The best Honors event you’ve been to: My favorite Honors event is Awkward Prom. Dressing up in the weirdest outfit and having my naturally awkward dance skills suddenly become cool is just great.

Your favorite Cyclone memory: My favorite Cyclone memory was painting up my face and storming the field after we won against Iowa in football my freshman year. SWEEEEEET CAROLINEEEEEE!!!

Describe one Honors course or seminar you’ve taken: I’m currently taking an Honors seminar about issues in the Middle East, and it is taught by this tiny, feisty French professor who makes us question everything we have ever heard on the news.

Your favorite place to get coffee/snacks on campus: My favorite place to get food on campus is the MU Cafe. This has nothing to do with the food itself (most places on campus are pretty adequate), and everything to do with the fact that they ALWAYS have free samples of either desserts, smoothies, mochas, or frappes.

One thing on your ISU “bucket list”: Curtiss to Beardshear. Am I allowed to say that on here?

Your favorite napping spot on campus: My favorite napping spot on campus is in the reading room in the MU. They have snuggly couches, and it’s a judge-free zone. No-one will be snapping pictures of your most unattractive sleeping face in there. Don’t be this guy I saw in Gilman:

Putnam 2

The best thing about the Honors building: The best thing about the Honors building is that it’s open 24/7. Always useful during finals week (and any other time I procrastinate).

Who is your boy?? Coach Paul Rhoads or Coach Fred Hoiberg? Fred Hoiberg. Mostly because he got 123 in Flappy Bbird and that’s incredible.

The most meaningful thing you’ve been involved with/done at ISU: The most meaningful thing I have been involved with at ISU is the International Student Council. It’s awesome working with people from all over the world to celebrate the different cultures we have on campus.


One comment on “Ambassador Showcase: Savannah

  1. Mark Law says:

    Great to meet you last week!

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