Why I’m Excited for Spring

by Katie Voitik

Are you sick of winter? Having to wear 10000 layers every time you walk outside so you don’t immediately get frostbite due to the negative temperatures? Trudging in knee-high snow and ice to class?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you probably will agree with me when I say I’m so ready and excited for spring! For more than just the absence of living in an arctic tundra all the time, actually. Here’s my list of why spring is the best season.

1) It’s finally warm! Let’s start off with an obvious one. I can’t wait to wear shorts and t-shirts and run outside with a warm breeze through my hair and not having the wind hurt my face when it touches it! Walking to classes will be so much more fun and relaxing if you can enjoy the beautiful temperatures and hear the birds chirping!

2) Spring picnics! This is kind of related to the warm weather but I just love being able to go outside and cook. My apartment complex has a grill, so my friends and can make delicious grilled food and have a picnic on the grass. Sometimes, we even eat our lunch outside after getting a to-go meal from the dining centers–it’s a great way to relax between classes and bond with your friends.

3) Spring intramurals! For me, spring always brings one of my favorite intramurals again: co-ed broomball! I cannot wait to get back on the ice and play with my friends in a great game of “let’s see how fast I can run before I either fall or hit a wall”.

4) Summer is right around the corner! And this summer, I will be in Colorado at an internship so I am so excited to finish this semester for once. Even though I will be doing work this summer, I will be getting paid for it and I get a nice break from classes.

5) STORMS! Yes, I am a meteorology major. For me, spring = storms + storm chasing + tornadoes + running around with a camera at 3 am if there is a storm at that time because why not. I’m excited to see lightning and hear thunder and take amazing pictures of storm clouds. Bring on the rain!

I hope you all are as excited about spring as I am; it’s been a great year so far so I’m excited to finish it off on a positive note.

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