How to Survive the Last Weeks of the Semester


Honors Blog Week 2014 a

by Emily Elveru

Emily’s blog post is the third of Iowa State’s contributions to National Honors Blog Week 2014.  This year’s theme is “Things You Can’t Learn in a Classroom,” …and Emily has amassed a lot of out-of-class knowledge in her 3 years at ISU, including how to survive the busiest, most stressful, final weeks of the semester.  These are outside-of-the-classroom lessons you have to learn on your own, but Emily has some advice for you on where to start.


We’re in the home stretch, Cyclones! Group projects, final papers and cramming for exams are now in full swing, and although you’re drowning in what seems like an endless pile of homework, don’t fret: Summer break is just three short weeks away.


  1. Do a Little Dance. Stress is at its highest peak of the semester, so turn up your favorite tunes for 10 minutes each night, circle up your roommates and have yourself a dance party. Bonus: belt out the lyrics for even more stress reduction.
  1. Eat Ice Cream. Freshman 15? Never fear! Walk off those extra l-b’s in no time by taking a longer route across this spacious campus, and to reward yourself, hit up the closest C-Store to grab your favorite ice cream. You’re going to need it when you’re crying over a paper that’s due in two hours and the only thing you have written down is your name.
  1. Nap. If you haven’t figured it out by now, naps are one of the best day-brighteners a college kid can get. Your brain needs to reboot after pulling two all-nighters in a row, so slump over wherever you are—a couch in the Jischke lounge, for example—and take a nap. You deserve it.
  1. Indulge Your Hobbies. Video games, cooking, knitting. If it floats your boat, work it into your schedule. Friday or Saturday nights are perfect for kicking back after a grueling week of class, meetings and homework. Just make sure to balance your hobbies and schoolwork by giving yourself some goals, like if you finish a project you can bake a cake. It’s all about the balance.
  1. Three Weeks. In reality, there’s only three weeks of sheer chaos separating you and the pure relaxation of summer break (okay, let’s be real, what Honors student truly relaxes?). You. Can. Do. It.

Elveru Hey GirlRyan Gosling believes in you.  Now, go out and conquer the world.


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