Dead Week Real Talk

by Rachel Philiph

This week is dead week. Although you might not guess it from the name, dead week is usually one of the busiest weeks of the semester. There are project deadlines, exams, quizzes, and homework assignments all due at the same time. It always seems like each professor thinks that his or her class is the most important one.

Even though dead week can get pretty crazy, some of my best college memories have happened during dead week. When I lived in Honors housing, my community advisors and friends always found ways to make dead week more bearable. One thing that makes pretty much anything better is free food. During dead week, there were always snacks and treats in the common areas of my dorm floor. Everyone would emerge from their rooms to grab pizza, chips, or (my favorite) cupcakes and socialize for a few minutes. This was always nice to look forward to during studying.

If the weather was nice during dead week, we would take the opportunity to get outside and exercise our competitive nature. Whether it was ultimate Frisbee or human chess, it was always nice to get outside for some fresh air and social interaction. Then there were the more impromptu events. Chair races down the hallways were always fun, especially because my desk chair happened to be exceptionally fast. Another one of my favorite dead week activities was extreme hopscotch (think hopscotch with somersaults, pirouettes, etc).

Honors students work hard, but we play hard too. My friends in Honors understand when I need to study, but they are also very good at making sure I take breaks. Because of this, Honors has helped me keep my grades up and succeed in my classes, while still enjoying college.


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