Some Caribou Coffee Tips (From A Current Barista)

by Katey Oswald

Hello again, it’s Katey! I am an employee of Caribou Coffee, both at home in Minnesota as well as at the one located on campus in the Hub next to the Library. Caribou Coffee was my first job (besides the babysitting and dog-watching) and after working for the company for almost 5 years, I have definitely gained a better knowledge on coffee and the delicious drinks it can create.

Oswald coffee 2Caribou at the Hub!

First off, when I started at Caribou, I would only have coffee in the form of the highly sweetened Coolers we serve. It’s amazing how working in a coffee shop coughandcollegecough can change your tastes, because now I can drink black coffee and straight-up espresso shots (in moderation though, I’m not addicted to the stuff, yet).

Now, Caribou has your regular, on the menu drinks that have been perfected in their formulas to create some blissful concoctions (the Campfire Mocha, delicious), but there are a ton of different options that can allow you to turn your drink into something even more. Here are a few options you can use to make your drink even that much better:

Adding an extra espresso shot (or a scoop of tea extract!)
My recommendation: Dirty Chai (chai tea latte with a shot of espresso) and a Depth Charge (drip brew coffee with a shot of espresso)

Flavor Shots
Either a full shot or half a shot of whatever flavor you want from Caribou’s stock: Chocolate*, Vanilla*, Caramel*, Hazelnut*, Mint, Raspberry*, Almond, Cherry, Marshmallow, Cinnamon, and French Vanilla (vanilla + hazelnut)
My recommendation: Mocha with a shot of Almond (my splurge drink) or a Mango Black Iced Tea with a half shot of Raspberry
* comes in Sugar-free

Cream-PoppedOswald coffee 1
Adding a scoop of heavy cream to a blended drink
My recommendation: Any smoothie cream-popped, they taste like creamsicles

Mixing in any of our toppings into your drink, which include: Snickers, Andes Mints, Mini Marshmallows, Chocolate-covered Espresso Beans, and Oreos
My recommendation: Coffee Cooler with Andes mixed in, adds in a chocolate/mint flavor that doesn’t overpower

Northern Lite Whip Cream
Even if you don’t order a NL beverage, you can substitute or add NL Whip Cream to your drink. It is absolutely delicious (it tastes like marshmallow fluff) and it has 11 less grams of fat and 85 fewer calories than regular whip!
My recommendation: Put some on a smoothie to get a lighter cream fix

So I hope these little tips will help you out if you ever want to venture and try something new at your local Caribou Coffee. I know as a barista that I am still discovering new combinations, and I always look forward to what I’ll be craving next. As the ‘Bou so perfectly puts it: “Life is short. Stay awake for it.®



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