Finals Week: An Explanation through Memes

by Emily Drummy

Finals week can be a very tough and stressful time during the semester, and it may feel like all of your professors are piling on the work.

Drummy 1     Drummy 2

Though this time of year can be challenging, summer is only a few days away. So here are a few study tips as told by internet memes:

Tip 1:

Drummy 3     Drummy 4

Don’t let finals week freak you out (or make you cry). If you stay calm and focused on the tasks ahead, you will feel better prepared for your exams and probably do better on them. Use your time wisely!

Tip 2:  

Drummy 6     Drummy 7

While studying as much as you can may seem like the most important thing this week, getting sleep and eating properly are even more important. So make sure to actually go to bed at a decent time and don’t forget to eat. Finding a good study spot is also important, where you’ll be free from distractions. If you don’t have a study spot, try the Honors building!

Tip 3: 

Drummy 8

It’s easy to lack motivation since the semester is so close to being over, but finding motivation and rewarding yourself for studying or acing a final will help you get through the week. You can always try the gummy bear reward system:

Drummy 9

Tip 4: 

Drummy 10     Drummy 11

Don’t put off studying. While it’s good to know what grade you need on a final to get your desired final grade, don’t let that deter you from studying. Also don’t rely on a professor giving a curve on an exam. Study hard and stay motivated!

Tip 5: 
Drummy 12     Drummy 13

Listen to Kevin and the cute penguin. Don’t let finals scare you! You’ve studied, gotten sleep and eaten well, so walk into that exam room with confidence. You’re prepared so whatever happens, happens. No need to stress!

If you follow these tips, you’ll have a smooth and successful finals week, unlike Frodo here:

Drummy 14

Good luck with finals! Remember, summer’s only a few days away. You can do it! Ryan believes in you, so don’t disappoint him!

Drummy 16










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