The Summer after FHP

Wonder what First Year Honors Program (FHP) students do the summer after their first year of college?  Summer plans are as diverse as our student body.  Read on…


Some students do research in labs on college campuses, including some FHP students who will continue working with their First Year Mentor Program faculty members:Research


Several of our students will spend time abroad either studying, interning, or seeing family.  The unofficial, totally-not-scientific-data collected showed Valencia, Spain as the most popular international destination for students this summer: Study abroad


Many of our students will be working hard making that cash in a variety of internships.  Students are shadowing veterinarians, dieticians, and physical therapists; working in Washington, DC; starting software companies and creating apps; working with public utilities; helping to teach kids with learning disabilities how to live independently, engineering the giant blades for wind turbines; and “working as a Geospatial Technologies Consultant or something like that”:Internships


Many FHP alumni will be taking classes in Iowa State/online/international/community college classrooms.  ISU’s first summer school session started today (May 19):Classes


The vast majority of FHP students are doing completely random, “typical” summer things, which sound pretty great (and some that sound like a great story waiting to happen):Random


Whatever your summer plans are, have a good one!

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