Ambassador Showcase: Grady

ISU Honors has a group of talented, crazy awesome students that serve as ambassadors for the program.  You should meet them!  Today, it’s Grady Jensen:


The best thing about being the age you are right now (“almost junior”): The best thing about being an almost junior is that I am very comfortable at ISU and have had some awesome experiences but I still have 2 years left!

Your favorite FHP memory: My favorite FHP memory was the retreat and making our final project presentation.

Your favorite food served in the ISU dining centers: My favorite dining center foods are the tacos and carmelita bars. Yum!

The best Honors event you’ve been to: If the FHP retreat counts then I pick that!

Your favorite Cyclone memory: One of my favorite Cyclone memories would have to be the Men’s Basketball game this year against Michigan, everyone in the stands was going nuts!

Describe one Honors course or seminar you’ve taken: I took a seminar about science in the media and how research is portrayed in the news. It was very interesting to learn some new discoveries in research.

Your favorite place to get coffee/snacks on campus: The best place for coffee is the Hub and for snacks I enjoy going to the C-stores.

One thing on your ISU “bucket list”: I would like to participate in the Nearly Naked Mile in my last 2 years on campus because I have heard how much fun it is and it is a great way to help the community.

Your favorite napping spot on campus: I have to go with my bed for this one.

The best thing about the Honors building: I really like how Jischke is small and it feels like a central location for the Honors community.

Who is your boy?? Coach Paul Rhoads or Coach Fred Hoiberg? I have to go with the Mayor for this one. Those suits are too much to pass up.

The most meaningful thing you’ve been involved with/done at ISU: Helping to plan projects with the Engineers Without Borders club.

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