Honors Extracurriculars: Just Some Rocket Launching, NBD

by Jake Harry

Hello everyone, it’s Jake again. I haven’t put up a blog post in a while so to refresh the memory: I just finished up my junior year in aerospace engineering (I’ve been hibernating for the past two weeks now). Besides all of the academics that Honors students so clearly enjoy, there are also extra-curricular activities that students are involved with. One of the things I did during my junior year was lead a team of students in the design and construction of a high-powered rocket to be flown in a competition at the end of April.

The competition was in North Branch, MN and was against other universities in the midwest. The competition objective was to build a rocket with an engineering payload that measures velocity vs. altitude and acceleration vs. altitude. In addition, the rocket’s maximum altitude should be 3000 feet (or as close as you can get). Our rocket flew to an altitude of 2823 feet . . . not bad considering right before the launch we were hoping that it didn’t explode on the launch pad. The team also had to submit two formal reports including a pre-flight design review and a post-flight design review. These were both taken into account in the final team scoring. We will not hear back on the results until the end of May.

Harry 1Five of our eleven-member team that made the trek up to North Branch, MN and our rocket



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