Ambassador Showcase: Amy

ISU Honors has a group of talented, crazy awesome students that serve as ambassadors for the program.  You should meet them!  Today, it’s Amy Seibert:


The best thing about being the age you are right now (“almost junior”): The best thing about being an almost junior is that I am able to hold leadership positions and still be able to explore new things here at Iowa State. I also am able to learn new things every day about myself and the my future after college.

Your favorite FHP memory: My favorite memory of FHP is our section winning “Name that Tune” at the retreat. We had tons of fun and learned more about each other.

Your favorite food served in the ISU dining centers: My favorite food at the dining center is a wrap with hummus, lettuce, pickles, and cucumbers in it. It may be a weird combination, but it was a wonderful accident.

The best Honors event you’ve been to: The Honors Salons: a place where you can learn more about k-pop and rare earth metal magnets than you ever knew possible.

Your favorite Cyclone memory: Being able to go to the Liberty Bowl as an Iowa State student and fan.

Describe one Honors course or seminar you’ve taken: I took an Honors seminar on leadership in college and beyond. We learned about what makes a good leader and we learned about our own leadership styles and understandings.

Your favorite place to get coffee/snacks on campus: There is a little café in Lagomarcino called the Courtyard Café. It has unique foods and special drinks, like smoothies and foofy coffee if you are into that. It is a great place to get food if you are in a hurry and are by the Honors building.

One thing on your ISU “bucket list”: I would like to visit every building on campus before I graduate. I am well on my way, but there are still more buildings I need to explore.

Your favorite napping spot on campus: My futon is extremely comfy. It has some fuzzy blankets and an afghan made by my great aunt. It is just a wonderful place to take a snooze during a break.

The best thing about the Honors building: Rolling around the building on the foot rests on a Friday provides the necessary relaxation after a stressful week.

Who is your boy?? Coach Paul Rhoads or Coach Fred Hoiberg? Most definitely Coach Paul Rhoads, because who else could lead the football team like he does?

The most meaningful thing you’ve been involved with/done at ISU: Through my church I was able to go to the women’s prison in Mitchellville, Iowa. It was an eye opening experience for me and helped me to know more and want to know more about inmates’ experiences in prison.


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