Proud to be a Cyclone

There has been much discussion lately about the future of VEISHEA, especially as the VEISHEA Task Force is getting closer to wrapping up (but is still soliciting opinions).  Read on for an ambassador’s perspective.

by Alexis Coulter

Although I might be a little biased, I’m here to prove that I attend the best school in the nation.

Although VEISHEA might look quite different next year, I think that it is important to remember that the core of VEISHEA is an idea worthy of praise.  Celebrating our colleges is one of the oldest traditions at Iowa State, and it is a great demonstration of our Cyclone pride and community. Even if VEISHEA is no more, I hope that if we have some sort of festival next year, that it reflects this tradition.  I would be ecstatic if we could still have a parade next spring, a lawn chair routine by Barker house, amazing FOOD (the International Food Fair and scrumptious cherry pies), performances by Groove, and of course, I would love to take part in the constant activity on Central Campus that this event brings.  I think it is the parade, clubs and organizations, and especially the people that give us a reason to celebrate anyway, not the title of “VEISHEA”.  We don’t need to put a label on this celebration, and we especially don’t have to designate one week out of the year to show our love for ISU either.  In Cyclone Nation, we should be proud year-round.

Besides VEISHEA, there are numerous other reasons why I am proud to wear my cardinal and gold.  First, I have to admit that my dedication to this intuition shines brightest at sporting events. I love going to football, basketball, and volleyball games to scream on our Cyclones.  I am so impressed with our basketball team this year…we da best.  Although it is on a much lower physical level, I also really love participating in the politely competitive intramurals at Iowa State, especially broomball! One of the main reasons I chose Iowa State was the beauty of our campus.  Our campus is gorgeous year-round, and I love walking by Central Campus seeing people napping, hanging out, or playing Frisbee.  Plus, we have such friendly wildlife! What other campus can say they have an albino squirrel or can play with President Leath’s adorable dogs at the Knoll?  I also love the overload of things we are offered on campus.  To name a few, I am a fan of free Cyclone Cinema, ISU Afterdark, the surplus of clubs to join, vending machines in almost every building, Froots smoothies, the work out facilities, and that the adorable town of Ames is within walking distance.  What makes me the proudest of Iowa State is the community that we have.  If it is still not obvious to you, I feel like the Iowa State Cyclones are my family.  I am so proud to be a part of this Cyclone nation and I believe that all of our students can say the same.


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