A World What?

by Becca Clay

I’m an agronomist and a globologist (the new title I’ve given to global resource systems majors). Soils, plants, climate, food security, international development, global economies—I dabble. But conference planning? Isn’t there another major for that?

For the past year and I half I have been a part of an incredible team that is working to put on the International Association of students in Agriculture and related Sciences (IAAS) World Congress. If you’re anything like me you are asking yourself “what is a World Congress?” Well, I am still not sure, and we’re about three weeks out. But I do know this: 60 international students will be in Ames, and unless my team and I get to work pretty soon they’ll be homeless, hungry, and bored.

Okay, I’m kidding. We have lots of fun things planned for these students from 20 + countries. Farm visits, industry tours, lectures, outdoor recreation trips, a company expo, a field trip to Kansas, a general assembly, and much more has been scheduled. Perhaps more importantly, we do have food and housing arrangements underway. That being said, these last few weeks will be filled with less sleep than I might have hoped. Wish us luck! And if you see international agriculture students wandering around Ames, you know where to send them.

Clay 1Part of the IAAS World Congress planning team last fall.

Clay 2Dr. Kendall Lamkey and Dean David Acker helped the World Congress planning team to kick off a successful crowd-funding project. We raised almost $3000 using Indiegogo!

Clay 3The planning committee even made it to the ISU homepage.

Clay 4Rylee and Mikayla, like many others on the International Ag World Congress planning team, are out of the country. Come back; we need your help!! These two world travelers are making a pit stop in Ames for the World Congress between their travels to India and Indonesia.

If you’d like to learn more about the ISU International Ag Club and the IAAS World Congress, check out our site: http://www.iaas.stuorg.iastate.edu. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to all the International Ag Club members who have been so critical to planning the World Congress.


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  1. […] students. After going camping, canoeing, and kayaking with students visiting from Korea, the international agriculture club (IAAS) World Congress was in full swing. We had about 50 students from around the world on ISU’s campus and we […]

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