5 Reasons Not to Completely Dread Going Back to College in the Fall

by Austin Ritter

Let’s face it. Once the calendar turns to July our minds turn to the full reality of only one full month before we head back to our respective education institutions. Once that reality hits, there comes the desperate feeling of needing to get as much summer “funtivity” in as possible before making the migration back to school, because there is just not enough summer to go around. While I am all for the summer vibe, activities, and career furthering opportunities, there are I few reasons why I believe that heading back to school, particularly to Iowa State, should not be entirely viewed with dread.

1. Friends

This has to be the most universal reason to be all right with going back to school. For a place like Iowa State, friendships are made all over the place even though the participants of said friendships are hardly ever from the same place. From bonding over a particularly difficult class…cough…organic chemistry…cough…to meeting a fellow Ultimate Frisbee enthusiast, friendships are being forged all the time on campus. The problem is, most of these friends are far away during the summer, doing important things like intense internships and napping. That is, until you go back. Meeting back up with your old friends, or meeting new ones if you’ll be a freshman, is one reason why you shouldn’t go pale at the thought of returning to school.

2. CampusRitter 1

A major source of pride for Iowa State University is its campus, and the students, myself included, are proud too. We love it. From Lake Laverne with its resident swans to central campus with its resident nappers, the campus is stunning (except when its -20 degrees out and dumping snow, but let’s not go there). While summer may be coming to a close, you wouldn’t know it by coming back to campus. It still feels like summer, and summer “funtivities” will still be happening wherever you look. Look at this place. Don’t you want to go to college here? Me too.


3. Sports

There are very few things that scream college in the fall like college football. I, for one, really enjoy actually being able to attend and feel a part of the games on a regular basis. If football isn’t for you, no problem, there’s volleyball, club sports and, of course, basketball. Don’t even get me started on basketball at Iowa State. Hilton Magic. ‘Nuff said. I mean look at this guy, he doesn’t even know what an emotional expression is, but to a Cyclone Fred Hoiberg can do no wrong. The point is, the atmosphere of sporting events and the sports themselves are certainly reason enough to be a little bit ready for college to start.

Ritter 2Good luck with the new pacemaker, Coach!

4. Honors

Shameless plug? Maybe. Do I care? Nope. That’s because the Honors Program was pretty much the first opportunity that I had to really meet some students who were similar to me as a freshman. I was from a small town in Iowa and a little nervous coming in, so going to a Freshman Honors Program barbeque and meeting other freshmen before classes started was definitely a good idea (if you’re an incoming freshman, I don’t want to be pushy but…do it). Even if you don’t think that the Honors Program is something to look forward to right now, there are several clubs and organizations that can be outside of Honors. Whether you want to join career related clubs, or just a club that piques your interest, Iowa State has too many to name. Seriously there is something like 800 clubs. There are plenty of ways to look forward to joining or coming back to a group that you share interests with.

5. Student Life

Getting tired of living with your parents over the summer? Of not seeing friends or family because you’re five states away on an internship? Another benefit of moving back to campus is that once again you are living an independent lifestyle, while being surrounded by friends and potential friends. That’s not to say that you won’t miss your family or hometown friends, but there is something to be said about making your own decisions and taking responsibility for yourself. The student life is essentially the previous four reasons, and then some. Mistakes will be made and mom will be called, but there is an undeniable attraction to figuring out how to successfully live the life of a college student.

Although there are many more reasons not to dread moving back to college, these are some of my top reasons. Summer will be missed, but I hope that you will take my advice and find reasons to look forward to being back on campus. I know I will.


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