Top 10 Things to Bring to Iowa State

by Amy Seibert

10. Rug
: This is very nice to have especially if your room is going to have tile floors. It provides more warmth and adds a little of your personal touch to the room even if it is a rug you got on a roommate trip to Wal-Mart the first weekend in college for $10.

Seibert 10

9. Fuzzy blanket: You never know when your room will be a little drafty or you just want to be cozy while doing your homework or watching a movie.

Seibert 3

8. Flip flops: This applies to both males and females. Being barefoot in the shower is a good way to fall or get athlete’s foot. Plus, if you get them wet, it doesn’t matter. They will dry out for you to use them tomorrow.

Seibert 2

7. Hanging storage: If you, like me, don’t have a lot of clothes to hang, that closet space becomes alternative storage. Hanging storage is a good way to use the space in your closet that is not dedicated to hanging clothes. Hanging storage options are able to hang from the bar in the closet and provide more shelving for your other items in your room. You could also bring a tub for that space and fill it with all-season clothes because as they say, if you don’t like the weather in Iowa, just wait and it’ll change.

Seibert 8

6. Power strip: Your room only has so many outlets and they may be exactly where you want to put your bed or desk. Put in the effort once to plug in a power strip and it will save you the struggle of getting behind your desk later in the year to plug in your phone charger.

Seibert 9

5. Alarm clock: Whether you are an early riser or someone who needs a pot of coffee in the morning to wake up, this is always needed. I use my phone, but many other people use actual alarm clocks. No matter how you do it, make sure you have a system in place to wake up for your classes, even the 11 o’clock classes!

Seibert 1

4. Something to carry your ID in: As someone who has had to replace her ISU ID card twice in a semester, I would recommend getting an accessory to hold your ID. Whether it is a wallet or a pouch, this is necessary. I originally just put my ID in a backpack pocket, but it fell out multiple times.

Seibert 7

3. Phone: This is going to be necessary to call home to talk to your parents. The call home may not be only for you, but your parents may miss you too when you leave.

Seibert 5

2. Optimism: In college things will not always go as you expect. It is important not to lose faith that it will get better. That assignment you are working on late at night will not be the breaking point of your future career. Remember that when a glass is half full it is actually half full of liquid and half full of gas.

Seibert 4

1. Open mind: College is most likely a new experience for you. Take advantage of that to discover what you have always wanted to do in life or discover new activities or careers you never thought were a possibility. As you have seen in the commercials, you can choose your adventure at Iowa State.

Seibert 6


2 comments on “Top 10 Things to Bring to Iowa State

  1. Chelsea says:

    Wait, I thought we weren’t allowed to bring extension cords…?

  2. honorslife says:

    Sorry about that, Chelsea. Extension cords are not permitted but surge protectors/power strips are:

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