Sunday Senior Thoughts

by Morgan Bobb

Today is a Sunday and it’s the beginning of the third week of my senior year. I still get pretty surprised when I say I’m a senior because the three years I’ve spent at ISU have gone by so fast! My day began with a trip to the grocery store with my two roommates- both friends I met in Freshmen Council, a campus organization I got involved in during my first year at Iowa State. This is my first experience living in an apartment, and I love it! Mostly, I enjoy having a kitchen, so after grocery shopping, I baked oatmeal cookies.

Sunday’s always involve homework for me, so today I completed an assignment for my class on the Cellular Biology of Human Disease. After reading a case study on Marfan’s Syndrome (it’s a common disorder in tall patients with heart defects, pretty interesting-look it up!), I wrote a few short answers on the diagnostic process and the protein dysfunction responsible for the disease. This year I’ve been able to see the difference that mentors have made in my Iowa State experience. From inspirational advisors to thought-provoking professors, they have helped me discover many opportunities and provided a lot of support. I took this biology class because I really enjoy the professor who teaches it.

For dinner, I met my research lab group at our professor’s house (different professor than my biology class), and we had a grill-out. Along with some great food, we shared pictures of our summers and told stories. Even in a group of fifteen people, there were 5 continents visited and over 30 credits taken during Summer Break! Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, dental volunteering in Guatemala, and hiking through Israel were just a few of the stories from my lab friends (this is the same lab I interned at this summer doing neuroscience research).

Oh, and my last event of the day was spending a little time with my younger brother Zach, who just started at ISU this year. He’s living in Maple dorm, so we trade cookies and other baked goods for Meal Bundles (these are sandwiches and salads from Iowa State Dining). It’s great to be able to see my little brother around campus!

I think today is a reflection of how my three years at Iowa State have allowed me to explore opportunities and choose the path that was just right for me. Great people have made Ames feel like home.


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