*Last* First Days As A Cyclone (2014 edition, part 1)

We shared some FHP students’ reflections on their first weeks as Cyclones here.  Our seniors have a lot of feelings too!  What is it like for them to start the end of their Cyclone careers?


My “last first day” of school may have been just as new as when I was a freshman, seeing that I am studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina! On top of a new place and new friends, I’m also surrounded by a different language and cultural differences. To all students with the slightest interest of studying abroad, get to the study abroad office and find where your passions lie. Whether you think it’s too early OR too late (look at me, I’m ancient!), there could be a program that fits with your schedule!

Christina G., Chemical Engineering

Goeddel 2Buenos dias, Buenos Aires


My “last first day” was a beautiful morning.  Campus smelled the same as when I started my career here at ISU.  The bustle of activity spread across campus as the morning progressed.  I was honored to assist several freshman find their class or room, just as upperclassmen did for me on my first day.  It was great to be able to return the favor. My last first day simply reminded me how amazing this journey has been and how proud I am to be a Cyclone.

Celia B., Food Science


I would say that my “last first day” of class was quite a bit different than when I was a freshman. As a Senior I know not to wear the hideous, Velcro lanyard everywhere, I did not show up 20 minutes early to my class for no reason (I walk in a minute before class starts), and I didn’t bring any of my textbooks to class with me thinking college was like high school (carrying a heavy book around was the worst mistake as a freshman). I know to carry a water bottle with me everywhere…I was a dehydrated little Freshman. Now that senioritis is kicking in, most of my classes start around 12:00…Freshman year they were all at 9:00 am.  Despite all that, I think what was the most different about this “last first day” was that it was beyond bittersweet this year.  As a freshman, you are more scared (that you don’t know anyone) and excited for everything college has to offer. As a senior, you realize that when you walk into a class full of all of your friends, this is your last year with them, and that is so sad.  I’ve already seen what college has to offer, so I don’t have the initial excitement that I did as a freshman, instead, I realize what I will miss in a year.  This is my last chance to experience everything Iowa State has to offer that I haven’t done yet. This last year is all about making sure to spend your limited amount of time right.  For example, instead of stressing hard core during syllabus week, I instead spent most of my time catching up with friends.  Walking around my first week of class, I realize how much I will miss our beautiful campus (I’m going to spend as much time laying on Central Campus as possible before Winter arrives), and especially my friends and the feeling of being part of a Cyclone family.  It is a community I know I will never experience again, and I hate knowing that. My advice for freshman is to realize how short your time is here, and to seriously make the most of every day you have here. It unfortunately goes by quick!

Alexis C., Biology


First days MallamsCheck out Jake’s DIS group waaaaaaay back in 2011!


NO. NO. ITS NOT MY LAST FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL NO. I remember my first class was Math 166 (Calc 2) at 8 A.M… for some reason I was super awake and excited? My professor was just as nervous as I was (he sounded like he had just run Curtiss to Beardshear and was trying to catch his breath). I then proceeded to get lost on the way to my 9 AM Chem lab. Things haven’t changed much because I still get lost in Gilman.

Justin M., Chemical Engineering


Last year around this time my Facebook news feed was filled with many “last first day of school” pictures and statuses. Coming back to campus this year, I expected my last first day to be just as special, but it was just another day! I guess after experiencing so many “first days,” the last one doesn’t seem too special! I can’t say I’m sad about this though; I’m sure the sappiness will set in later this semester and next semester! I remember my first week on campus my freshman year – my first class was my FHP class, and my first friends lived on Starbuck in Martin with me. Before meeting all of those people, I was mostly nervous about college. After making those friends, I wasn’t so nervous anymore. Now that my adventure at Iowa State is almost over, the only thing left to be nervous about is graduation (and finding a job)!

Angela S., Communication Studies


On the first day of my freshman year, I carried a map around campus and secretly peeked at it as I walked to each class. On the first day of my senior year, I slept in because I didn’t have any classes on Monday. During the second week of my freshman year, I went to my first meeting for a campus magazine. The second week of my senior year, I was running that meeting as Co-Editor-in-Chief.

I honestly cannot believe I am a senior; these four years flew by just as fast as everyone told me they would. I’ll miss the football games, the late-night chats with my roommates and studying on Central Campus, but I’m ready for the next adventure of my life to unfold.

My advice to all who are just starting out: take a deep breath, enjoy even the smallest moments, know everything happens for a reason and learn how to take a long walk in other people’s shoes.

Emily E., Journalism and Mass Communication

EmilyFreshmanThen: The first time I entered my dorm room in Willow Hall

EmilySeniorNow: Enjoying time with my roommates before the ISU vs. K-State game


Every year the first week of classes is more exciting. Freshman year my excitement for classes was overshadowed by the looming fear that the schoolwork was going to be impossible and that I was not going to make a single friend. I remember showing up to my religious studies class the first day at 9am and scanning the room in terror, before finally sitting down to a girl who looked like she was just as scared as I was (that girl is now my roommate, and one of my best friends). Senior year, I am confident that I will [most likely, fingers crossed] not suddenly fail out of college and I have friends in every one of my classes. It feels so amazing to start my year off knowing that I have a campus home to come to, filled with some of the smartest, most supportive people I have ever met.

Savannah P., Biology

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  1. […] We shared some FHP students’ reflections on their first weeks as Cyclones here.  Our seniors have a lot of feelings too!  What is it like for them to start the end of their Cyclone careers?  Part 1 of these reflections is here. […]

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