Outside the Bubble: So, What do you do all day?

by Garret Meier

Hi again! Isn’t fall just a beautiful time on campus? If you haven’t already, get out and play in the leaves. Don’t worry, I’ll still be here when you get back…..


I’m glad you’re back, and now that you’re here, I’ll answer another frequently asked question from my time outside the bubble of ISU. “What do you do all day?” That question gets asked most frequently as a follow up right after explaining that I’m not taking classes. There are a few reasons for this, and a lot of it has to do with that most people, from what I’ve experienced, assume that between the months of August and May, 19-22 year olds are busy living in dorms, acquiring knowledge, and causing trouble. Aside from the fact that we all know most of the time spent at college is actually watching Netflix,  living by yourself and taking a semester off is a pretty big surprise to many.


To get at the answer to the question of what I do all day, let me contrast it first with what I’m not doing all day (that I miss). My first two semesters at ISU, I spent a lot of time going to clubs of all sorts, watching awesome honors talks, being kept up late by my friends just down the hall, and finding excuses for late night Perkins. While not so much of that has happened while being away from campus, living in an environment much more like the real world has its own set of perks like having freedom to spend your time exactly the way you’d like. Outside of work, I can decide to read for hours, bake cookies, or watch the entirety of Game of Thrones, without much consequence (a sinking feeling that winter is coming).


It’s been a really great opportunity to take a break from the hectic life of a college student and find the important activities that I enjoy.

That said, I am definitely looking forward to all the wonderful and unique experiences that only happen in the life of an ISU student.


One comment on “Outside the Bubble: So, What do you do all day?

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