ISU Bucket List

by Alexis Coulter

You guys. I am a SENIOR this year. You know what this means…sadness mixed with excitement. I cannot believe that this is my last year at Iowa State! Senior year means I’ll be out in the real world shortly…and that means I probably should figure out what I want to do with my life…soonish. That’s not even the scariest part though!  The most terrifying part about being a senior is that it is my last chance to do everything I wanted to do at Iowa State!

As a freshman, I started to form not only a bucket list for life, but I also wrote down a bucket list and a list of goals for me to complete before I graduated from Iowa State. I had to create a list of goals for a class freshman year.  I thought it was kind of a waste at the time, but now that I’m not a stupid freshman, I’ve realized that it actually is a very good idea.  I think that it is so important for students at Iowa State to make both fun and serious goals for themselves early on in their college life, and to not merely have a mental bucket list, but to actually be intentional and think it out.  If you write them down, then you have already started a commitment to actually accomplishing what you intend.  Take it from me, you definitely will want to make the most of every day you have on this amazing campus because it goes by so fast! As I look at my bucket list, I’m realizing I don’t have much time to complete it! I have enjoyed my three years on campus so far, but I saved too much to do in this last year.  If I would have been smart about it, I could accomplish my goals early, so that I could set more goals, and really make the most of my experience.  However, because I didn’t do it right, I’m asking everyone else to make up for me.  So, go make a bucket and goals list right now, and then start thinking about how you can actually do your list.  To get your brain juices flowing, I’ve listed a few of the things I have already done or still need to do before I graduate from this fine institution. Side note, you definitely should think of your own ideas. To be honest, mine are stupid and you should be more creative.   Also, I mostly included all fun things on my list, but you NEED to make serious academic, social, career, and life goals too!

Part of Alexis’ Before I Graduate from ISU Bucket List:

Climb the big tree on Central Campus
Encounter the albino squirrel (check multiple times!)
Get a picture with Cy (check!)
Dye a strand of my hair pink (no, not like P¡NK) before I have to get hired
Camping with friends
Become a true Iowa Stater (check!)
Graduate with Honors (getting there…)
Climb out onto the ledge of my old dorm….and not get in trouble…
Take the Wine, Beer, and Spirits class and Harry Potter seminar (check!)
Go into the Steam Tunnels
Beat Iowa (check…and stormed the field!)
Make lifelong friends (check!)
Win an intramural shirt (still SO bitter I have yet to get this one)
Study Abroad (check!)
Be in a flash mob
Plunge in the fountain…and again, not get in trouble for it…or caught (be legal with your ideas, people)
Go into every single building on campus
Pepper spray someone (or hit them with a sock full of pennies)
Crowd surf
And of course…step on the zodiac


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