Thanksgiving Break…the Calm Before the Storm

by Jake Harry

To refresh your memory my name is Jake and I am a senior this year in aerospace engineering. Just thought I’d send you my thoughts on this wonderful 5-day break we are given during turkey week. There are a list of other colleges around that only have a few days off this week because they have already had fall break earlier in the semester. I, however, am rather partial to the solid week off before the dreaded end-of-semester deadlines.

I will list the next four weeks starting with our Thanksgiving break and give a small description of how things usually shake down:

1. Thanksgiving Break:

  • During this week you tend to not do a whole lot besides spend time with the family, eat, and watch daytime television.
  • Sure, homework is assigned by a few classes and we understand that it is important, but sometimes grandma’s cookies take precedence over that <insert any given class name here> homework.

2. The 1st Week Back:

  • Cue “the storm”
  • This week you naturally have a bunch of deadlines for various homeworks and typically some end of year class projects (although those deadlines are sometimes saved for next week).
  • Of course, what happens is that nothing gets accomplished over Thanksgiving and the traditional game of crush last minute homework is played.
  • But also, don’t forget to start looking at finals stuff because, you know, that’s in two weeks.

3. “Dead” Week:

  • Bunch of final project deadlines are this week, and those tend to take a LOT of time.
  • But really, you should start looking at finals stuff now because, you know, that’s next week.

4. Finals Week:

  • Ok, now there is nothing except finals stuff and you can finally look at finals material, right?
  • But your roommate Eric just got Netflix and you’re not NOT going to watch all five seasons of Breaking Bad . . .
  • Ok, as per usual, it’s the night before a final and you cram all that information from your textbook/notebook into your short-term memory hoping there is enough room in there to sneak out of the class with an A (this is not the recommended approach, but it happens).

I hope this gives some of you a feel for what to expect out of the next four weeks before the amazingly long Christmas break we get in a month. A lot of you have been through this experience before, but for those of you who haven’t, this should give you a taste of what’s to come (besides turkey).

But first, don’t worry about the next few weeks, go eat some food, and enjoy your family because that’s what this break is really about.

Harry turkey


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