A Semester of FHP: A Retrospective

It’s the end of the semester!  We asked FHP students how their first semesters were, and we received some great submissions.  You might remember some of these students’ thoughts at the beginning of the semester here.

My first semester has been a crazy, fun, and learning experience. I got really lucky with my roommate and we get along great. I live in a suite with three other girls and one night we all decided to put a streak of hair dye in our hair. I enjoyed being in the Honors program because it helped me to connect with other freshmen going through the same traditions I was. I won’t lie, I thought the Honors retreat would be silly and cheesy but I ended up having loads of fun. We dressed in costumes and competed with other Honors groups. I didn’t have a major when I first started this semester but meeting with people in different careers and fields really helped me make my decision. The four year plan also helped me plan out just what I want to accomplish and learn in my years attending ISU. I attended almost every football game and went tailgating with my family. In just this first semester I have made friends, learned what I wanted to do with my life, and found new ways to study and learn. I found out who to talk to about any problems I was having and the people who knew exactly what I was going through. I don’t think I could have transitioned this well into college without the help of FHP.

Hannah J., Pre-Business, Section L2


FHP has been a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed getting to know other honors students through fun activities offered by the program. My favorite part of the semester was going on the FHP retreat! My group (B2) had a great time. We got a lot closer and developed several inside jokes including some charades topics like “Turn Down For What.” I had such a great time with my group and developing our semester project as well. It was such a great experience which really helped in making it easier to transition to college and make new friends.

Kaitlin P., English, Section B2

P.S. The first picture is our final picture that was edited by a member of my group, Jordyn:

b2 final pic

The second picture is from the retreat. We were playing the jeopardy game and our leader Tiffany decided to lay down for a brief nap, the perfect opportunity for a group selfie!

b2 retreat


This semester has been great. I have gotten to be very close friends with the girls on my honors floor in Barton Anders. I have attached a photo of us after we finished a puzzle! My favorite class was definitely Biology 212, and my favorite place to study is in the Tiers at Parks Library. I enjoyed my FHP group a lot, and I will miss them next semester. One thing I found surprising was the amount of free time I had!

Colette M., Animal Science, Section H2



My first semester at Iowa State has went way better than I ever could have imagined. There is so much to do and get involved with around campus. Attending sporting events and being in student government are some of my favorite experiences so far. I have also enjoyed being a part of FHP. From the retreat to weekly section meetings I have made numerous friends while having a blast. I am looking forward to continuing with the Honors program in the future.

Cody W., Biology, Section M1


I absolutely loved my first semester here at Iowa State! Every time I walk around campus, I find myself falling in love with it even more. FHP and living in Honors housing were both great ways for me to meet others and form friendships. Home for me is Florida and it is definitely different here (especially this new thing y’all call winter) but I have found myself enjoying every aspect, even the days of crazy cold weather! While I miss home tons, this is starting to feel like a second home and I am so excited for the next few years!

PS.. E2 is WAAAYYYY better than F3!!

I know my roommate Allie is going to send a picture that shows how much we have bonded and also that we may have lost our minds together. It does sum up our friendship basically perfectly though!

Sarah B., Agricultural and Life Sciences Education, Section E2


My first semester has been a surprising one! I wasn’t expecting to get as close with some of the people in my FHP section as I did. In every single one of my classes, I knew someone because of honors. I recently discovered my new favorite study spot, the M-Shop (thanks to Java and Jams!), but I would only recommend it, if you can handle music and some loud noise while studying. Whenever I need complete silence, I go to the 4th tier in the library. I have a specific table and everything!

Joi L., Nutritional Science, Section C3

Picture: Throwing it back to the Fall Ball when 8th floor Willow Tompkins came through:

Joi fall ball


My first semester as a Cyclone has far surpassed my expectations! The overwhelming feeling of being placed into a completely new situation was quickly replaced by the routine of college life, and the Honors Program has given me countless opportunities to meet the people that I now consider good friends. As a high school senior choosing honors housing, of course I had the stereotypical fear that I would be stuck with “nerds”, but even within the first week I realized that this notion was naïve. My roommate Sarah and I, having both enrolled here out-of-state, have become close friends not only with each other, but with almost everyone in our house.

I know they say that people have the tendency to pick up habits from others that they spend a lot of time around, but I didn’t realize the correctness of this theory until college. Though I haven’t yet fallen into the habit of saying y’all like my Floridian roommate, I have adopted enough of her mannerisms to the point where family took notice over Thanksgiving break, and we have even developed the same fashion sense. It’s crazy really.

Allie V., Biology, Section M1



This first semester at Iowa State has gone by so quickly and has been one of the best experiences in my life!! I am so happy that I decided to be a part of the University’s Honor Program and live on an Honors floor, because I’ve met all of my very best friends through Honors. We are our only little family and this helped to make the transition from small town to Iowa State so much easier. I’ve had lots of fun at football games, tailgating, and late nights playing board games with floor mates. I’ve never been one to get too into football, but it’s hard not to get swept up into the energy and excitement at the football games. I definitely wouldn’t have gone if not for my friends and those games were definitely worth the wait by the gates.

Jenna O., Industrial Engineering, Section E3



I can’t believe my first semester at Iowa State is already over! It went really well though, and I am enjoying college life here a lot. My favorite place to study in between classes on campus is in the Honors building. It’s comfy and cozy and usually pretty quiet! I really enjoyed being part of the Freshman Honors Program, and I think it really helped make the transition smooth for me. I met a lot of new people and made some great friends in my honors section. Outside of class, I enjoyed participating in homecoming activities like the free food and the Friday night pep rally. I also attended all of the football games, many volleyball matches, and all of the basketball games so far. One of the craziest things I have done was camp out for basketball tickets to the Kansas game, but it turned out to be a pretty fun experience. I am looking forward to next semester when I can begin working on research through the freshman mentors program.

Allye B., Open Option, Section H3


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