Things That Suck Away My Time at College

by Savannah Putnam

This blog post is a rant. It is 1am and I am lying on my bed thinking about the many things I wanted to accomplish today that simply did not get done. My inability to successfully conquer my to-do list comes from about four things that sneakily suck my time away without me even realizing it:


  1. Emails. In middle school, all of my most popular friends had awesome email addresses that expressed their personalities. I remember that I desperately wanted “,” but, to my poor middle-school heart’s dismay, it had already been taken. In college, they make you choose a professional address, with some combination of your initials and last name. This new grown-up method of communication is thrilling for a while, until you realize that the emails NEVER STOP COMING. Almost every person I know at school checks their email above all other forms of social media.
  2. Eating. Every year of college food consumption presents a new way to eat away (haaaaaha – I’m funny) at your time. With a meal plan, a trip to the dining centers must balance the desire to not sit lamely alone with the need to avoid times when the lunch and dinner lines are especially long. Without a meal plan, going to the grocery store to buy food, packing lunches every morning, preparing semi-edible dinners, and washing dishes takes preparation and skill.
  3. Walking places. As much as I love being outside, walking from class to class can take up a lot of time. The walk from my apartment to my first class is a little over a mile, and throughout the day I am running back and forth across campus to go to all the meetings and classes I have. Fortunately, Iowa State’s campus is beautiful and not that large, and often I use my walking-time to study my flashcards.
  4. Cleaning my room. When I return to my apartment from a long day I go directly to my room and proceed to dump the contents of my backpack on the floor, quickly stripping out of my socially acceptable clothes to put on comfortable pajamas. This daily ritual leaves my room a disaster after a couple of days, so I am forced to spend time re-organizing my mess. Sigh.

 Unfortunately, these things are all necessary and unavoidable (well, maybe not my dirty room). I will accept my fate, knowing that one day I may be rich enough to get a secretary, a personal chef, a hovercraft, and a maid to solve all my problems.


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