My Top Five Things to Do When Spring Happens (Fingers Crossed)

by Austin Ritter

Spring in Iowa is elusive, and is usually greeted with a deep sigh by some of us Iowans who think that the only thing winter is useful for is appreciating warmer weather, socially acceptable hot chocolate, and skiing. I like to think of spring like Dumbledore’s phoenix, who before emerging new and fresh has to go down in a giant ball of fire (or snow and ice in our case). Needless to say, emerge it does, and when spring comes around you’re going to want to have some things ready to do to enjoy the weather. Here are some of the best things to do (in my humble but obviously correct opinion) to procrastinate studying and enjoy life in the spring:

1. Backyard Sports

Few things can beat a good ol’ pick-up game of whatever. My personal favorite is football, but I won’t discriminate against you soccer or ultimate Frisbee types. Not that games in an indoor track or gym or what have you isn’t also fun, but those have the advantage of being able to be played no matter the season. This makes the backyard pick-up game sport one near and dear to the hearts of us spring lovers. So if you want my advice, go grab a ball or Frisbee, gather some friends who are checking Facebook more than studying just like you and get that game going.Ritter 1

2. Enjoy Campus

There are few things as enjoyable at Iowa State as its campus in springtime. That’s saying a lot, because Iowa State has some pretty amazing things going on. As enjoyable as the university itself is though, the campus is spectacular. I wish a picture could do it justice. So whether you want to study on the library lawn, walk around Lake Laverne, or, my personal favorite, take a nap on central campus, get outside and appreciate our campus that we appreciate so much.

3. Watch March Madness (good luck in the Big 12 tourney and beyond, Coach Hoiberg and co.)Ritter 2

Now, I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking along the lines of “Well yeah, great idea, but don’t you watch basketball inside?” You totally called me out, and you are correct. From epic Hilton Magic to watching the NCAA tournament with friends, it’s pretty much all indoors. Let me paint my ideal spring picture for you though. Your favorite team is playing, and you have a few of your buddies over. It’s nice out though, since it’s spring, so instead of hanging around waiting for the game to start and during breaks you decide to wait outside. While outside, you see that your lawn is a very convenient place for tailgating, and of course there’s your grill. Yeah. You just went from huddling together for warmth during a game to comfortably tailgating and grilling out while watching your team play, all because it’s spring. You’re welcome.

4. Bike/run

Few things relieve all that study stress that you have like exercise. While the gyms are great, and indoor facilities are certainly needed for many forms of exercise, there are ways to be serious about exercise while enjoying the weather. My favorites, running and biking. For those of you who do these outside even during winter, I don’t know what to say except well played. For the rest of us, we need to wait until spring to migrate from the gym. Spring helps us to enjoy the vibrancy and newness of the season change, instead of focusing on the brutal body punching that the extra foods over winter break put on us those first few runs. Get through the pain, and enjoy the weather.

5. Bonfires

Bonfires are something that can be enjoyed no matter the season, but personally I find them particularly enjoyable when the day was warm and the night has just a tinge of a chill. Plus I’m weird and don’t like having s’mores in the summer. Regardless of what season you prefer them, I can say with confidence that very few people will be disagreeable towards a bonfire in the spring. Besides, you’ve just gone running so you need some s’mores for energy. Your life may depend on it.

I’m sure that there are many other fine things to do during the spring, but I have to say that these are some pretty dang good choices. Whatever you do, make sure that you let spring make it more enjoyable. I hope that you will take my advice for spring into consideration. I know I will.


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