A Senior’s Open Letter to her Freshman Self

by Emily Elveru

Dear Freshman,

It’s going to be okay. Your questions will get answered. You will find a spot in this world, and it won’t be in the corner. You’ll someday be on center stage and the lights will shine on you, because you are important and you have a purpose.

Right now, a million different thoughts are buzzing inside your mind wondering about that big ‘f’ word: the future. Your senior self has that same word buzzing in their mind, too, (it’s now more of a manic fly than a bumbling bee) but is glad their freshman self made smart decisions and set them up to succeed. You’re getting involved on campus and studying hard. You’re doing okay, kid.

With three more years of life under my belt, remember these three pieces of wisdom I learned while walking on the same beautiful ground we currently both call home:

Ask questions, and admit when you’re wrong. You don’t know everything. At this point, you shouldn’t know everything. Now is the time to ask questions, dig into people’s plethora of knowledge and discover new interests. When you don’t understand a group project, raise your hand and see what the professor has to say. Chances are, most people in the room probably share your confusion. And when you’ve misguided a group, admit you made a mistake, sincerely apologize and explain a new plan of action.

Surround yourself with good people. When you enrich your life with beautiful souls, you’ll see yourself blossom into a confident, yet congenial, individual. I’ve learned having a few best friends is better than having 20 surface level friends. Find people who go beyond asking the how-are-you obligatory question, and instead, look for the tell-me-about-your-day type of person. These are the friends you’ll call five years from now and everything will pick up right where it left off—with meaningful advice, belly-aching laughter and conversations starting with ‘remember that one time when…’

Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind. I recently found this anonymous quote, and I want it to become my new mantra. To me, it speaks the words of the most attractive qualities a person can possess. Say these words to yourself everyday, paint it on a canvas and pin it to your bulletin board. Remember this, and others will remember you for all the right reasons you want people to know you by.

So, freshman, just know everything will be okay. Work hard, get involved, gain leadership positions and introduce yourself to good people. You will figure out whatever ‘it’ is. Don’t you worry, kid. Everything will be okay.

All my best,

Your senior self



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