A Toast to Lorch-Russell

by Charlie Labuzzetta

I’ll admit that Lorch-Russell may not be the most appealingly named house in Friley Hall, but without any bias whatsoever, I can say it is the prime place to live on campus. I’ve been a resident of Lorch-Russell for two years, and I can’t imagine making the memories I’ve made anywhere else. Lorch-Russell is one of five of ISU’s residence hall floors designated as Honors Housing. Technically, it is an Honors Cluster, which means that approximately half of the residents are members of the Honors Program. Unfortunately, I am moving off the floor next year, so my time as a resident of Lorch-Russell is coming to end. So here I propose a toast to my home and the memories I’ve made there:

“Two years ago, as a nervous incoming freshman, I moved onto Lorch-Russell and quickly met several people who quickly became some of my best friends.”

Labuzzetta 1

“Although school became stressful, I could count on floor dinner and late night runs to the C-Store. People accepted my goofiness and the den became the prime hangout spot.”

Labuzzetta 2

“Around holiday time we even became a little festive.”

Labuzzetta 3

“On weekends that I wasn’t partying (so…every weekend) there was always someone to hangout with. Once, our inner geek really took over and we made a subatomic particle detector!”

 Don’t believe me? See a video of it here!

             “So no matter whether I was studying, goofing around with friends, or (occasionally) sleeping, Lorch-Russell was and will always be the best Honors House at Iowa State University.”


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