Nerds have friends, too

by Alexis Coulter

When I first decided to join the Honors Program at Iowa State, I was a little hesitant that I wouldn’t find any friends in the pool of nerds.  I was even more convinced that the people on my Honors floor would be antisocial hermits I would never see emerge from their dorm rooms.  However, I could not have been more wrong about Honors folk.  After living for two years in the best Honors housing available (Harwood), I not only had amazing memories from the gazillion Harwood traditions, but established lifelong friendships.

Coulter 1

It is inevitable that you will form unusually close bonds after living in such proximity with the same people for two years.  Within the first month, we were all way too comfortable with boys roaming the halls in their towels, and we got in the habit of leaving our doors constantly open even when we weren’t in the room (this is how I had my mattress stolen and hidden a few times) because we “trusted” each other.  Due to our constant togetherness at dinner, lunch, and the weekends, it seemed we got to know each other better and faster than I had known even some of my high school friends.

Coulter 2

The best part of the story is that these friendships have lasted beyond our living together on the Honors floor.  I am now a Senior, and I am still close with all of my fellow Harwoodians.  We all moved off campus together, still hang out every weekend, and even do dinner together sometimes still.  One of my best, and most recent, memories of our friendship was our weekend “Senior Trip” to Minnesota together.  We acted like adults and spent one night in a hotel, toured Duluth, visited Mall of America, and went skiing.  Although skiing was a disaster for some of us, as one friend ran into a sign and got stuck in the snow, the trip was a blast and one of the best times of my life. Even after knowing each other for four years, we discovered there is always more to learn about each other, i.e. bathroom schedules, which people can’t be quiet for a massive sleepover, who sings Backstreet Boys best, and just how much our laziness has progressed together.  Overall I found myself asking, how close is too close when it comes to friendship?  The best part of the trip was that everyone’s weirdness was acceptable.  We may have or may not have spontaneously joined hands liked children and ran around the top of Enger Tower in Duluth (there will be no judgment here).  It is possible that we might also have squished all eleven of us onto one giant sled train.  Although there is still a few months (EDIT: now only a few days!) before I graduate, thinking of all of the time I have spent with my weird, nerdy friends is bittersweet to know we will all part ways soon.  However, if our friendship has lasted this long, I know that we will always be a part of each other’s lives.


One comment on “Nerds have friends, too

  1. Cecilia says:

    Congratulations on your upcoming Graduation! I can attest to the fact that yes, you will still be friends with these guys years later. I graduated from the Honors Program way back in 1989–even before there was Honors housing and I am still good friends with several people I met back in the program! We were weird and silly and always had a good time whenever we were together, too! Glad the tradition continues!

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