12 Uncomfortable Things That Happen Relating to Doors

Note: Honors students struggle with many things during college, apparently including doors (especially the doors to Jischke amirite??). Here’s something completely random for your finals week.

by Kelsey Granneman

  1. When you’re walking behind someone and they go to hold the door open for you but you weren’t going through that door in the first place.
  2. When you’re walking with a laundry basket and you have to ask someone to open the door for you.
  3. When you forget your ID and you have to ask someone to scan theirs and open up the door for you.
  4. When someone asks you to scan your ID to open the door for them and you don’t know if you should or not because they could be a murderer but you remember you made someone do that for you like 2 days ago.
  5. When you can’t open the doors to leave at UDCC so someone else has to do it for you.
  6. When you’re just trying to walk inside but a tour group is blocking the door and you can’t look angry because Iowa State is supposed to be a happy place.
  7. When you smuggled too many cornbread muffins out of the dining center and you can’t open doors without squishing them.
  8. When you walk into class late and the door closes loudly so everyone stares at you.
  9. When your headphones get caught on the door handle and you have to stop traffic to get them unhooked.
  10. When you think a door is push but it’s actually pull and you have to play it off all cool so people don’t notice.
  11. When the door handle is wet in the bathroom and you don’t know if its pee or water.
  12. When the door is super heavy and the guy behind you has to help you open it because you haven’t gone to the gym in like 100 years so you’re not strong enough.

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