Honors Summer Snapshots: Jake

Ever wonder what Honors students do during the summer? Instead of doing “traditional” blog posts this summer, Honors Ambassadors and students will be taking you into their summer routines via photos. As usual, Jake Sporrer is doing an incredible variety of things:

Sporrer 1

I take the scenic route to work on my trusty 1984 Schwinn varsity each morning at 8. I just re-gripped it, lubed the chain, and adjusted the breaks. It’s running like it did when MTV still showed music videos.


Sporrer 2

This is what my desk looks like. My work involves a lot of coding in MatLab. I typically jam to some tswift while I type.


Sporrer 3

I spend about half my day in the lab doing typical lab stuff. Right now I’m working on saving the world. It seems to be going well. In the lab, I listen to Air Traffic mostly.


Sporrer 4

After work, you might catch me playing video games or watching Netflix. Sometimes, I’ll use that mic to record music or that box in the top right to play magic with my friends.


Sporrer 5

Monday is The Team’s League of Legend’s night. Wes is being a loser and getting married, so he bailed on tonight’s gaming session to be with his fiance. We might be branching out to Counter Strike soon.


Sporrer 6

Tuesday (and any other night Steve needs a buddy) is glassblowing. We make “art” (solid chunks of sand) out of a puddle of sand.


Sporrer 7

This is my first piece of “artwork”. It’s some sort of prehistoric monster, or if you look at it upside down, it’s a duck.


Sporrer 8

Wednesdays and Mondays are Krav Maga class. I learn to not get beat up by people that might want to beat me up. So far, my best move is to use my long legs to my advantage. My fighting style is most like a gazelle’s.


Sporrer 9

Every night before bed, I listen to some Ludovico Einaudi and do yoga. I’m too bad at photoshop to put Gerard Butler’s abs on me, so if you all could just imagine them there, that would be great. Thanks for reading.







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